San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico

Pyramid of the Sun

Imposing ancient Pyramid of the Sun, Almost seven hundred feet at the base, rises to a height of over two hundred feet. This postcard is from the 1960’s. It looks much different today with a lot more excavations.

I climbed this several times. Below a friend of mine is climbing it in the late 1970’s.

Caracas, Venezuela

National Library, Caracas

April 1966

The conference in Maracay is over and I think was very interesting. I will tell you about it when I return to Mexico about the 9th of May. Hopefully I will find a little time to spend in the county-side before then.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

May, 1965

I rode on a little airplane this morning from Vicosa to Belo Horizonte. It was cloudy so we had to fly up the valleys and avoid the mountains. This afternoon have enjoyed the beach and window shopping. I am not going to Montevideo but instead will go directly to Buenos Aires tomorrow afternoon.


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