Ravenna, Italy

Vitalis (VI century) – Empress Theodora with her Court

I went to Ravenna to see the mosaics in 1973 and I bought a lot of postcards because when I returned to school I had to write a paper on them. I thought it would be easier with visuals to remind me.

This Mosaic is in the Basilica of San Vitale. It shows Empress Theodora of Byzantium (b. 490 d. 548) and her offerings to Christ (you can see the Three Kings at the bottom of her skirts). Her two sisters are beside her. She was known for her beauty and here her tiara is dripping in jewels.

London, England

Aerial View of Tower Bridge and the City of LONDON

September 1975


We got here ok – everyone seems to be visiting London – plane was full, London airport jammed mostly with Americans. We are in a very nice hotel, are pretty much caught up on sleep. Going to the British museum today, just will take it easy, off to Rome at noon tomorrow.


Taxco, Mexico

Excerpt from my book Expat Alien. This would have been in the mid to late 1960’s:

Taxco was a small tourist city built on the side of a mountain. Besides having a few interesting churches, it was mainly known for its silver and had shop after shop of silver jewelry. We would go there for a weekend and walk the steep, narrow streets. The hotel we stayed in had a back patio where cockfights took place after dark. The cocks screamed in anger and pain as they killed each other or maybe it was just the crowd I heard screaming. I thought the whole thing was disgusting but lots of people enjoyed it, including my brother.

Vaasa, Finland

Vaasa Church

April, 1996


We have been having a great time here with Liz. They still have lots of snow but it has been beautiful weather. Went to see Braveheart tonight – it was great!


Here is a photo I took of the neighborhood where we stayed.

And a few others around town.

Bangkok, Thailand

Giant Guardians at the Wat Arun (Temple of Dawa), Bangkok, Thailand

February, 1970


Greetings to you on my birthday. We are at airport waiting for plane to Singapore. I have found Bangkok and the people to be great as I expected. See you next month.


Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano-Paradiso. Monte Bre

May 1973


This is the view from our balcony! Very resort-like! Warm.. flowers everywhere. We went to the top of San Salvatore this morn. on a cog railroad…the view was lovely. Have just finished eating lunch and are waiting to take a boat trip on the lake. Bill has dental app. so he is not going. Kathy and Jane are not going either. Yesterday we left Zurich at 7 am and the ride through the Alps was fantastic! Just unbelievable!! We got here about 10 am and went to Kathy’s school, she showed us around…then came back to hotel with us. We took a walk along the lake after lunch and rested in aft. The hotel has a nice pool. It is so nice to be with people who can help us with language problems, ordering food, etc. So far the kids are getting along fine. Steve even said he was glad he came!


The view from the school in Lugano.

Dehli, India

Emperor Humayun’s tomb built by his wife in 1555. In this tomb sleep many princes and Emporor of Delhi. This building is next to Taj.

Actually postcard is not correct. Building was completed in 1572 and is not next to the Taj.

Treasure Island, Fiji

Treasure Island, Fiji

April, 1981

I did not get a chance to visit this island this trip but it is the one I visited by sailing ship in 1970.

Fiji is very nice! I would like to come back and spend a holiday here.


16 km south west of Lautoka, Treasure Island is casual elegance in lush, tropical surroundings. Ultra-modern Fijian accommodation with private beach and lagoon view.

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