Kingston, Jamaica

Sheraton – Kingston Hotel

This is a popular place, I have three postcards like this one.

January 1968


Arrived OK and met with Hardin and others tonight. Disorganization rules but perhaps all will be ok. See you soon.

Love, Bill

September 1968

We finally landed 1/2 hr. late last night – then to a nice small dinner party where they had a 3 week old baby boy. I’m going to Dr. with his parents for a check this am, then to their house for lunch. The weather is beautiful. Pool looks great!

Love, Va

January 1969


Had a nice flight over. That is really the way to come. Hans is here and we will have dinner tonight at Jim & Suzy’s. It is warm and delightful here. I’m going for a swim now!!

Love, Bill

Nairobi, Kenya

November 1975


Greetings! it has been a lovely sunny weekend here. I didn’t see any animals. I just rested, read and walked around. Today I’m going to Tanzania for a week. I hope all is well with you and wish you were here.

Love, Bill

East African Game

Mount Kenya Safai Club

New Stanley Hotel, Nairobi

Ibiza, Spain

Detail of the Harbor, Cathedral

September 1970


We are in Ibiza and the sun is shining as usual and it is warm though the sea is rough today but we went swimming anyway. We have a nice view of the Mediterranean from our hotel room and just have to walk down the hill to the rocks in order to swim. It is crowded though, with hippies and Germans and French and the seaside often looks like Coney Island. We are staying in a pension that overlooks the Med. and we can watch planes take off and land – a busy airport. Day after tomorrow will go to a bullfight here – Cordobes! is fighting. Hope they have good bulls but fear the reverse.

Love, Tim

Typical Corner



September 1970?


We are in Madrid relaxing in hotel room. Have been to the Prado and a bullfight. One matador cut on ear but none did very well. If ind I have forgotten much spanish but we get along. On Tus. we will go to Ibiza for about a week and then fly back to Germany. Should be relaxed and sunned by then. Spend a couple more days here and see Toledo and the Escorial. Hope you are all faring well and not too travel-weary.

Love, Tim

El Cordobes

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