Trinidad, West Indies

January, 1970 This music is just great – last nite we went to a sort of calypso concert… I got me a new bathing suit and some white slacks. Dresses are really short here! Tomorrow we’re off to Madrid. Brrr. Love The steel bands, like the calypso singing of Trinidad are world famous. The instrumentsContinue reading “Trinidad, West Indies”

Toros en Vallauris 1955

July, 1965 Dear It was so good talking to you. We received your good letter today. I’m taking the train back to Wisconsin tomorrow evening. New York has finally cooled off a little bit – hope Camp has, too! We have seen two plays and three very funny movies. I bought books to take asContinue reading “Toros en Vallauris 1955”

San Antonio, Texas

May 1981 Hello and Howdy! I got this postcard whilst slumming the other day in San Antonio. Let’s go to Mexico this summer. I’m not going to be working except hopefully playing in a band this summer and I got the Mexico itch (oh no!). Lez go! Hey – we can take my car thisContinue reading “San Antonio, Texas”

Amsterdam, Netherlands

February 1984 Hi Thanks for the mail and the clippings about Brugges. We are having rain, rain, rain – about 40 degrees most of the time… We are having people over for coffee and wine this eve. A friend and I plowed around Centrum and Babylon yesterday looking for bargains or whatever. A good wayContinue reading “Amsterdam, Netherlands”