Egypt Trip Part Two

First, a note on masks. Most people I came in contact with were wearing masks. At least indoors. I wore a mask all the time indoors unless I was eating. Outdoors I wore a mask if there were a lot of people around. Many people who were wearing masks, let them slip down below theirContinue reading “Egypt Trip Part Two”

Tokyo, Japan

September 1978 Dear Enroute Tokyo. I just lost a day in crossing the Intl. Date Line. Maybe someday I can make it up. I doubt that I will get to Nikko to see this shrine on the trip but we have a picture of you there. Hope you got your auto insurance ok. Love, BillContinue reading “Tokyo, Japan”

My Trip to Egypt in Covid Times

Over a year ago we were well into the Covid pandemic. Things were starting to look up with the vaccine on the horizon. There was light at the end of the tunnel. I booked a trip to to Egypt for the following year and crossed my fingers. I was due to leave January 9, 2022.Continue reading “My Trip to Egypt in Covid Times”

Chamberlain, South Dakota

August, 1985 Here we are in the middle of South Dakota at Al’s Oasis Inn watching a Dracula movie on Saturday night – Allie and Val are screaming but it is really a comedy! So far we have seen the Corn Palace and lots of farmland. Astra is traveling well as usual. Tomorrow we willContinue reading “Chamberlain, South Dakota”

London, England

Summer, 1978 Dear How is life? I meant to write to you earlier but have been so busy looking after my brood with no nanny and steward!! I have almost finished shopping. We are arriving on the 18th Sept by lunch time. My husband has gone back. This summer he was coming going all theContinue reading “London, England”