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About the Blog

This is my new adventure.

I grew up on five continents and have traveled widely. When I was still in grade school, I started collecting postcards. I have boxes of them. These days I try to restrain myself while traveling and mostly just take pictures. I will be featuring both postcards and photos, old and new. The visuals will be supported by quick notes, brief thoughts, maybe some descriptions, or a poem, or a memory.

Hold on and enjoy the ride.

Let me know what you think.


A Bit More About Me

I am a Third Culture Kid (TCK). I grew up moving from country to country. Born in Burma and lived in Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, Switzerland and the US. My memoir, Expat Alien, takes you through each new place and the challenges of adapting to and adopting each new country. With each move there was a chance to re-invent myself and learn about new cultures and geography. My hardest move was to my passport country where I suffered from “reverse” culture shock. As an adult I finally learned about my own tribe – Third Culture Kids who have all experienced the same ups and downs of being global nomads. I took a a step farther and crossed over to being an adult expat in Russia and raised my own Third Culture Kid.

I blogged for almost ten years as Expat Alien and my book is available here.

I am also an artist and enjoy mixed media including designing my own needlepoints. I also am becoming more and more of a photography enthusiast.

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