Groningen, Netherlands

August 1985

We had a nice two days in Groningen and environs. Did the city walking tour yesterday and it was interesting but about ruined us. Nice weather – summer has finally arrived!!

Congratulations on your sale! We are delighted now you have to really create more nice ones. They say it ain’t always easy.. Have to make our lists – ugh.

Cheers. Love, Va

Martinikerk, Groningen

Harare, Zimbabwe

February 1988

Arrived on schedule with a good sleep enroute. There were six of us for this meeting on the flight. I sat next to a Zimbabwean, former Dean of Agr., with whom we had worked at ISNAR so go well briefed on the agriculture. Our meetings start at 4:30 this afternoon. All OK!

More later, much love, Bill

Temp: 73 degrees F.

Woven Fabric, Niger

The Hague August 1985

We are expecting you to arrive on May 16 am (holiday here) Bill will see about the Madrid part – do you know if flights are every Sunday? Long ways from M. to Cordoba – did you know? Wish you were here to go to Budapest with us – April 4-8… Will let you know about Ordway… I hear Tom got snowed in! We did enjoy having them both. Bill’s trip to Ouagadougou was cancelled. He had a good 2 days in Paris this week.

Love, Va

Paris, France

June 11, 1973

Dear Mother

We got here last eve after a beautiful all day train ride from Toulouse. Our hotel here is very comfortable and charming. This is a holiday here so lots of tourists and most places closed but will be normal again tomorrow. Tommy is so impressed with the Eiffel Tower – is sending seven postcards of it to his friends! I still think Notre Dame is impressive – it is so massive and solid. Jane wants to go shoppings. Steve seeming interested in everything.

Love to you, Dede

Same card

June 14, 1973

Dear Mother

We have had a nice time in Paris – good weather, not hot. Kathy, Bill and Jane went to a movie yesterday while Jean and I visited and Dan and Tom went by subway to check on their trip to London. They leave tomorrow early, and we 3 are flying at noon to Madrid for a few days and on to Portugal and the beach. We got a letter yesterday from you forwarded from Lagos also from Tim.

Love, Dede

Paris et ses Merveilles – Les parterres et le palais du Louvre



One of the many beautiful stones we didn’t find. Did find five (one each) stones that aren’t worth much but do have some good color in them. Nice to have, to remember our mining days with, anyway. Sunning and swimming on the Gold Coast now and are off to Brisbane soon to earn some money so we can be off again.

Till later, Tom

Top quality black opal from Lightning Ridge – royal blue rather than black with a broad flash of red.

The Cheese Shop

July 1981

It was so nice to visit with you last night. We are grocery shopping and resting today. A friend of mine came in for tea this aft. We watch TV in the eve. (what there is in English). We watched “Little Women” tonight. It was good. I hope you have seen it. We’re having two in for dinner tomorrow eve.

Love to you, Dede

Alida Hoeve, Volendam, Netherlands


November 1988

Greetings – and many thinks for your visit! We loved seeing you and catching up our news. Will call later on regarding our St Paul Visit.

Love, Bruce

Minnesota is our 32nd state (1858). Capitol St Paul. Name derived from the Sioux Indians, meaning sky-tinted water. Its 10,000 lakes are said to have been made by Paul Bunyan’s blue ox, Babe. Longfellow’s famous poem The Song of Hiawatha, tells of the Minnesota waterfalls that “flashed and gleamed” and rivers that rushed through “palisades of pine trees”.

Bangkok, Thailand

February 1985

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do these dancers look kind of familiar to you? We saw a dancing show yesterday – many of same steps you learned. Bill took lots of pictures! It is to be 96 degrees here today. We joined the worshipers a the Temple of the Emerald Buddha yesterday – very impressive.

Tomorrow (Bill’s birthday) we leave for Singapore for 2 days. Have a good weekend!
Love and Kisses, Mom

“Finger Nail Dance” one of the most beautiful Thai Classical Dances

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