Claude Monet

April 1983

Arrived Ok, bumpy flight, 2 hours late. Bill met me – we have visited about everyone and everything. I hear your party was a success. Bill likes your cards. It’s cold here – daffodils in bloom but not tulips yet. Madurodam is going strong! I’m unpacked so off to bed.

Love, Va

Claud Monet (1840-1926), A woman in a Garden, Ste Adresse 1867; Hermitage, Leningrad


May 1963

I got your good letter today. thank you for writing such an interesting letter. In this picture the things that the boy and girl are looking at are called Piñata’s and are filled with candy and gifts. They are used for birthdays and the cover is made of Paper Mache.

Write again. Love, Bill


Postcards from original paintings by U Ba Kyi, at the Strand Hotel, Rangoon, Burma

U Ba Kyi (17 July 1912 – 15 April 2000) studied for a year at the Beaux Arts de Paris and he also studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He managed to weave together the western style with the traditional Burmese style. He painted murals and watercolors and his work is exhibited around the world. These paintings he did for the Strand Hotel show the lighter side of Burmese character.

Most likely these were done before 1950.

Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota

August 1981

Remember these Falls? They still look the same as they did when we used to come fishing up here. the family likes to play tennis on a court in the park. I was lazy all day yesterday, up at 5:30 this a.m. Now I’m back in bed relaxing again. Bill called yesterday from Hong Kong where he will be for the weekend.

Rainy and cool here today. Hope all is ok with you. Love, Dede

Vincent Van Gogh

April 1982

Here is a nice Van Gogh for you! It is still very cold but trees and flowers are bursting. We are going to Bruges for the weekend. (Friday is Queen’s holiday here). Board arrives next week – Rosie and I’ve been planning for the ladies. Six coming so far.

Love, Va.

Vincent Van Gogh 1853-1890, The Harvest, Arles 1888

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