Taipei, Taiwan

March, 1989

Sending you our love from Taichung!

The weather is lovely. We had a nice visit in Hong Kong with a niece and her family. Our friends are here also, though haven’t had a chance to meet them yet.


Yangmingshan Park is 16 kilometers north of Taipei at an altitude of 443 meters.It is particularly beautiful during Spring time when the cherry blossoms and azaleas are in their full bloom.

Houston, Texas

The Astrodome

February, 1966

We did leave Mexico finally at 9:10 am by American and had a wonderful flight much better than Braniff. E. met us at customs and took us home for lunch and left there about 1:30. They had three inches of snow in San Antonio, first in 40 years. We arrived here at 5:15 and went to the Rodeo at the Astrodome last night. Doc and Festus were guest stars, Jimmy Dean is to be here the 28th – would have preferred him! Enjoying every minute still.


Inside the Astrodome – this is the first thing you see when you enter the Astrodome Club. It is a bar 10 feet long, the longest in Texas. You can get yourself a drink, turn around and walk six steps, and enjoy what’s taking place down on the field.

The Astrodome opened in 1965 and was still in use for various things until the early 2000’s. It was the world’s first multi-purpose domed stadium.


Jakarta – August, 1988


We hope you are having a nice birthday! We are weekending in Jakarta in a lovely hotel, have been shopping in a wonderful dept. store – more than a whole floor of batiks. I could spend a week just looking! The guesthouse is full of Australians at the moment – interesting all and I’m not alone all day as I was at first. But I manage to keep busy.

Love and Kisses

The Balinese Barong is a mythological symbol of the forces of good in the universe.

San Francisco, California

Victorian homes line Steiner Street as seen from Alamo Park



We’re having fun seeing old friends and the sights. We went out to Alcatraz on Sunday and N started his seminar Monday. He seems to like it. I have been walking all over town and pretty much have the buses down. It’s good to be in California. It’s cool!


(I think I was referring to the weather since I was living in Florida at the time…)

Cologne, Germany

May, 1985 – on the Rhine


Isn’t this a magnificent church? We were in it again this am, admiring and enjoying it – so delicate and truly lovely. Parts date from the 1200’s. We had champagne last nite at the Captain’s party, then danced. We sailed all night from Nijmegen (Netherlands) to Cologne. We’ll visit a castle this eve., Heidelberg tomorrow. Wish you were here too.


New York 1939

Railroad Exhibit Building, New York World’s Fair 1939

The entrance to the railroad exhibit at the New York World’s Fair 1939 appears very much like a glorified and modernistic roundhouse for locomotives.The Rotunda above contains 25,000 square feet of floor space leading to a circular theme hall 180 feet in diameter surmounted by a dome approximately eight stories in height. Sponsored by the Eastern Presidents Conference of the railroads, the exhibit includes a building nearly a quarter of a mile long, an outdoor exposition including nearly a mile of track, a colorful pageant telling the history of American railroads and the largest working miniature railroad ever constructed. The building contains 110,000 square feet of floor space and is the largest at the Fair.

The Electrical Products Building, New York World’s Fair 1939

The Electrical Products Building, New York World’s Fair is a rainbow of colors glowing across the World of Tomorrow. The Electrical Building is in the “Blue Sector” with a mural hint of ‘Wonders’ displayed behind its portals. The oddly shaped pylon at the left is an outstanding feature of the building. Architects: Walker and Gillette.

Hall of Pharmacy, New York World’s Fair 1939

The Hall of Pharmacy at the New York World’s Fair 1939 shown in the center of this photograph, which has been taken over by contract by The Show Globe, Inc., presents the entire story of research, development, manufacture and distribution of drugs and pharmaceutical products. The building, built by the Fair Corporation, occupies one of the most prominent sites in the Exposition grounds, being close to the Theme Center, the 200 foot Perisphere and 700 foot Trylon, partly shown at the extreme left of the photograph. Architects: Pleasants Pennington, G. Lyman Paine, Jr. and I. Woodner-Silverman.

The 1939 New York World’s Fair took place in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens, New York. Many countries participated and over 44 million people attended over two seasons. It was based on the future with an emphasis on the ‘world of tomorrow’.

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