The Netherlands

Portrait of Queen Beatrix by Andy Warhol

March 1991

Isn’t this nice? They have a large one hanging as you start upstairs in the refurbished Maruitshuis. Bill and I went this AM – all my old favorites (Steen, F Hals, Rembrandt, etc) are all there, but the bldg is beautiful! We are off to Dorothy’s for tea – ISNAR for weekly get-together at 5.

Love, Va

Mt Nebo-Siyagha, Jordan

March 1982, Den Haag


It is a true March day with lots of wind mixed with clouds and sunshine but cold. We have been doing our income tax, cleaning out the study (looking for papers!) . Will bundle up and take a long walk after a while. K was to move into our apt. this weekend. I hope Tom’s are adjusting to change of climate ok.

Cheers an love, Dede

Sri Lanka

Passikudah, Kalkudah



Except for all the bad news (Wilfred my chauffeur, tries to keep me from all the newspapers and radios but you can’t help but hear). It’s great here. Good food, tropical climate, gorgeous beaches, clean water, nice people. The bad publicity has kept all the tourists away. As a matter of fact I’m the only guest of the hotel I’m in now. The lights keep going off due to the lightening storm. Frightening and beautiful at the same time. Next stop, the Maldives, then Bombay before roughing it in Kenya. Hope to see you at Beth’s wedding.


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Trinidad, West Indies

Trinidad Hilton

Jan 1971


Still greetings from Trinidad but tomorrow from Caracas. Hope you and bag arrived OK! Take care.

Love, Bill

The Carribbean’s newest luxury hotel where guests descend from the grand lobby to their rooms with private balcony overlooking Port-of-Spain and the sea. Picturesque gardens and pools, restaurants and bar and entertainment echo the holiday mood of this festive island.

Lilongwe, Malawi

Feb 1992


Another beautiful day!! I’m now even buying a weekly rag from England (like Inquirer) and get all the dirt from around the world! Bill is diligently working – loves his “notebook” computer. Produces pages and pages of written word on it daily. Saw olympics on French TV – loved Mrs Miterand’s bright coat. Not much news from Moscow.

We’re now leaving on the 29th (a day early) on BA to London – then over to Den Haag.

Love, Va




We are knee deep in pink and white cherry blossoms speeding on to Kyoto to see the last of them as well as the countryside – Erik and Kilena have an enormous modern apt., an all white kitchen I would kill for. Have done lots of sightseeing – no end to Tokyo so no rest for the weary but we are having a marvelous time. Weather is sunny in 70’s perfect. We both send love,


The world fastest “bullet train” on the New Tokaido Line Shizuoka.

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