New York, New York

1980? date not visible

Jane and I have arrived safely and so far we’re having a great time. We went into this cathedral yesterday. Also we’ve been to a Broadway play, went to the top of the Empire St. building, took the Staten Island Ferry, etc. Today we’re going to go to the U. N. and some museums.

Take care, Love, Jane

St Patrick’s Cathedral is located on Fifth Avenue at 50th Street. It is the leading Catholic Church in New York City and one if the grandest Cathedrals in the world. Cornerstone 1858. Dedication 1879. Consecration 1910. Restoration 1947. Built of American marbles in modified French Gothic.

Madison, Wisconsin

June, 1986

We got Alicia off, and leisurely drove down the river to here for the night. Beautiful drive and great weather. Had a good dinner in the nearby Ponderosa! Bill managed to stay in bed until almost 9 this am!! Alicia thought your movie and restaurant were great. Really enjoyed both.

Cheers. Love, Va.

The University of Wisconsin, Madison, College of Agriculture and Henry Mall

Miami, Florida

September 1968

Just arrived after a good flight ( the landings are what ruin me!). Hope all is well with you. This airport is a mad house. And the climate is warm. Open any mail that you think looks interesting.

Love, Va.

Hotel Row and Indian Creek, Miami Beach, Florida

Green Island, Great Barrier Reef

Spent today here and now are on our way across country to Darwin and then south to Alice Springs. The island and reef are really a lot prettier than the picture shows. We were sitting around drinking beer waiting for the boat to take us back to the mainland when someone told us it was just pulling out. Ran down the dock and the boat (large one) backed up for us to jump on. Everyone was clapping and cheering – all rather embarrassing. Anyway the country is great. Hope you’re not working too hard. Love, Tom

Green Island, Great Barrier Reef. Situated only 17 miles from Cairns, Green Island is a true coral cay, possessing a wealth of tropical marine life in the surrounding coral reef.

Glacier National Park, Montana

June 1991

We are at the Swiftcurrent campsite near the world famous Many Glacier Hotel on Lake Swiftcurrent (where we were canoeing this very afternoon). We are dutifully following all admonitions about bears and so far have only seen one from a distance. The weather is wet but so far we are coping, though it is also cold at night!

Love, Tim

Jackson Glacier. Visible from “Going to the Sun Highway” – the glacier was once part of the ice area of famous Blackfoot Glacier. It lies between Blackfoot Mountain and Mt. Jackson (10,023 ft). Sixty such glaciers still exist in the park.

Enkhuizen, Netherlands

July 1981

This place had a most interesting museum of old fishing boats and regalia of the time. We had a nice time in Luxembourg over the weekend. It’s a beautiful little country and city – full of castles, forts and mts. We were impressed with the war cemetery (U.S.) there also. It is beautifully done. Alicia went with us – she and Bill bought beautiful anarkin-type (?) coats on sale!

So nice to have jean here – I’ll probably arrive Minn. Aug. 21. Love, Va.

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