Duluth, MN

July 2005


We stayed in the motel and watched the ships go by.

Love, Noah

South Pier Inn on the Canal… ship watchers paradise. Duluth’s newest waterfront hotel features 29 rooms and suites with whirlpool, fireplace and private balcony. Situated at the foot on the landmark Aerial Lift Bridge, the South Pier Inn is just steps from Canal Park and the convention center. The view is awesome!

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Los Angeles, California

Griffith Observatory

Nov 2006


Toured this observatory with Bill and Bron on Friday. What spectacular views of the city below.

Enjoyed meeting Roberto for breakfast and was good to spend time with Floyd and Joyce and Russ. Russ is struggling to keep up with all the care Phil needs. Also enjoyed seeing Bud and the family at Anglica’s home. Hope all is well with you.

Love, Tom

Griffith Observatory has been a major Los Angeles landmark since 1935. Visited by nearly two million people each year, it ranks as one of the top tourist attractions of Southern California. It sits on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood where it commands a stunning view of the Los Angeles basin below. The Griffith Observatory provides information on astronomy and related sciences to the public.

Den Haag, Holland

Peace Palace

July 1986

Yesterday we took a tour of the Peace Palace. M wants me to come here and study International Law so we can live here for a year or two. The weather has been a bit chilly but it was warm and sunny today for our trip to Delft, where we had “pannekocken” for lunch and took a canal trip. So far all is going well – Allie and Val spend lots of time playing pretty ponies but are learning to look for trams and bicycles!


Piestany, Slovakia

February 1993

Greetings from Piestany! It’s wonderful to be here – sometimes I have to pinch myself. Very little English is spoken so I struggle with Slovak-German. People appreciate the effort if not the accent!

Slovakia is a beautiful country – all is mountains or foothills with many forests and rivers. Comm. ruined some valleys with power plants and cities with roads, bridges, plants, etc. but the rich history is everywhere! There must be a million castles. I’ve seen 4 so better get busy!

Piestany is lovely and attracts many foreigners so luxuries like soft TP, fresh fruit and Newsweek! It’s inexpensive to live here which is great since we don’t make much money!!

I live in a teenager’s dorm – 2 rooms & WC. Roomy and clean and nice to have the privacy!

People are incredibly warm and generous – I’ve been made to feel very welcome! I receive gifts of pickles, flowers, appliances – all that I need to make my rooms a home! Hope all is well – write and let me know if you are moving to the East!

Love, Liz

San Francisco, CA

Fort Ross


We visited the Russian fort in California yesterday. It has a beautiful view of the sea, and lots of cannons. There were a lot of rifles in this building too.

Love, Tim

Kuskov House, Fort Ross State Historic Park, California. This building is a reconstruction of the residence of Ivan Alexandrovich Kuskov, who founded Fort Ross in 1812 and was the first manager. Ross was a settlement of the Russian American Company until 1841.

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