Strasbourg, France

July 1983


We are just crossing German-Dutch border while eating dejeuner. It’s really been fun – with lots of wine, champagne, flirting, sleeping, Spite & Malice, looking, visiting!

Home this aft from Rotterdam by train.

Wish you had been along!

Love, Va

“Le Mouvement qui nous eleve le plus est celui qui nous convient le mieux” Lenz. Lumieres de “Lenz”

Une piece montee sure la plateforme de la cathedrale par le Theatre National de Strasbourg. Mise en scene: Johannes Klett

Vail, Colorado

Vail’s landmark clock tower and covered bridge

August 1975


We have a fire in the fireplace – the view up the mountain is lovely. Also a nice view of tennis courts, swimming pool, and the bubbling stream all besides the lovely mts. I just rested and did nothing today – but Bill and K went to the very top on the ski lift and took some hikes up there. Rain again this aft, but clear again this eve. Nice talking to you last nite.

Love, Dede

San Francisco, CA

Fairmont Hotel

July 1967


Twas nice to chat with you a bit tonight. I have checked and will take the Sat. PM flight home. Will get there at 8:55 PM. May get on the morning flight but now it is filled.

Love, Bill

The magnificent Fairmont Hotel and Towers — symbol of the grace, charm and dignity that is San Francisco. Enhanced with roof-top garden, glittering Crown Room and outside Skylift, the luxurious Fairmont is the place to stay in San Francisco.

The Empire Strikes Back



Thanks again for your directions and company. How was your St Pats evening? How was work the next morning? I had a frightful nightmare last night. I dreamed the only stationary available in Madison had pictures of our governor on it. So glad it was only a dream.

Love Steve

Chewbacca (Peter Meyhew), Han Solo (Harrison Ford), Princess Leia Organa ( Carrie Fisher and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) at the Rebel base on the ice planet, Hoth, in the movie The Empire Strikes Back.

Des Moines, Iowa

Terrace Hill’s Stained Glass Window


What a loot – all I need now is a nose ring – thanks. I guess I gave the guard rings hard use thru the years because I loved them. Could you please send me directions for the Kint outlet for yarn. I saw something like in Lion Brand catalog. Your stay was much too short. Jean looks great! Showers continue in a timely manner. Hope to see you in the fall. Swimming has helped.


Illorin Market, Nigeria


Nigeria, the most populous single African nation on the continent of Africa, lies on the west coast and has a rich tradition and culture closely connected with their religious beliefs and the rights and practices relating to them. Traditional religion has given the people a heritage of culture and tradition which is still noticeable despite later influence by Islam and Christianity. The agriculture, music, art, craft, language and economies of the country still bear traces of this influence.

Dubuque, Iowa

June 1991


We went on the new Casino boat. It is twice or more as the one pictured – about 2000 people on it this aft. A nice trip. Jean made $3.50, Bill isn’t saying what he did in Black Jack. I watched people and scenery. The boat is really furnished as should be – plush carpet, etc… Bill and I walked over the campus in Madison this eve while Jean is practicing. It’s very beautiful – grown since we lived here.

Love, Va

Mississippi Belle. The fabulous new 800 passenger – triple deck – Mississippi Belle. Afternoon sight-seeing cruises, prime rib dinner cruises and scenic 100 mile day long cruises.

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