Bogota, Colombia


Tomorrow I am leaving towards Caracas . So far the visit has been very profitable, hope will be more. I remind you the promise you made to go “La Compana”, Chile. I’ll be back May 9th.


The internationally famous 400 room Hotel Tequendama. Within reach of major cities on six continents via Pan American.

London, England

St Paul’s Cathedral, London


I hope you are enjoying our vacation!

We took Enrique to school a few days ago. My heart kind of shrunk a bit. On Monday we leave for Italy after leaving Flavia and Lupe at their new school.

My regards to all the family “saludos carinosos” for you,


Nice, France


Alicia and I are enjoying very much this beautiful beach. It has been a great rest! It was wonderful to see you after such a long time and to feel that time has not changed the relationship at all. Thank you so much again for all your kindnesses and very lovely Delft plate. I hope that not so many years will pass by before seeing you next time. Happy return to the US with best wishes and warm saludos.


London, England

Nelson’s Column at Trafalgar Square


Arrived OK – 2 hrs late but went straight to my room, a shower, and a nap. Slept about 2 hours on the flight plus 2 hours here so I am in good shape. Just had lunch – watercress soup and a sandwich and a walk. Will leave the hotel about 5:30 for the bus to Heathrow. Service on Northwest was very good.

See you, Love, Bill

Kandy, Ceylon

We are spending this holiday at a beautiful beach house on the SW coast of this lush tropical island. The trip has been marvelous and an eye-opener! In Hong Kong I saw three days of Mao Red guard demonstrations from my room at the Hilton Hotel. There was nothing South American about his – the demonstrations were dead serious and rather violent. Bangkok with its floating market on the klongs and rice paddie countryside plowed by water buffalo showed me how the people really live. Singapore reflected the British influence in its well manicured lawns and orderly streets.

Regards to all

Ely, Minnesota

Sep 1978

Had to come back to Ely this morning to buy more food… A bear raided our campsite last night, broke open our cooler and ate half the food. :-(. Gave us a bit of a fright – sniffing around the tent but he really wasn’t interested in us. Pulling out soon.

See you, Love, Tom

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