Egypt Part Three: Karnak and Luxor

We docked in Luxor about lunchtime. We were tied to another ship so we had to walk through that one in order to get onto land. We could see in some places the ships were four or five deep. In the afternoon we set out for Karnak on the east bank of the river. InContinue reading “Egypt Part Three: Karnak and Luxor”

Egypt Trip Part Two

First, a note on masks. Most people I came in contact with were wearing masks. At least indoors. I wore a mask all the time indoors unless I was eating. Outdoors I wore a mask if there were a lot of people around. Many people who were wearing masks, let them slip down below theirContinue reading “Egypt Trip Part Two”

My Trip to Egypt in Covid Times

Over a year ago we were well into the Covid pandemic. Things were starting to look up with the vaccine on the horizon. There was light at the end of the tunnel. I booked a trip to to Egypt for the following year and crossed my fingers. I was due to leave January 9, 2022.Continue reading “My Trip to Egypt in Covid Times”

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

July 1973 Dear We had a nice time in Accra (bought more pretty material for shirts, caftans, chair covers, etc.) and are now enjoying this modern very French city. It is really lovely weather altho our hotel is freezing with air conditioning. Bill is having meetings and we are eating lots of croissants! Love, Dede

N’Djamena, Chad

November, 1974 Greetings from NDjamena (which used to be called Fort Lamy). Arrived here yesterday via Douala, Cameroon. It is hot — 95 degrees or more when we landed. We will be here until Saturday when we fly to Paris for a connection to Abidjan. A long way around but much shorter in time. HopeContinue reading “N’Djamena, Chad”