Berlin, Germany

When I went to Egypt earlier this year I did not expect to see Queen Nefertiti. I had already seen her. In Berlin. The Neues Museum in Berlin houses Egyptian Art, Pre-Historic objects, and Classical Antiquities. The museum re-opened in 2009 after extensive renovation. I was there in 2011. Photographs are not allowed in theContinue reading “Berlin, Germany”

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

1986 Dear I arrived on schedule and was met at airport. Got a couple hours sleep at hotel in London and have had a nap today. Will go to the World Bank, Res. Rep’s home tonight and have tomorrow to read and relax before starting schedule on Monday. Weather is just like Mpls. Very nice.Continue reading “Addis Ababa, Ethiopia”

Lilongwe, Malawi

Feb 1992 Hi Another beautiful day!! I’m now even buying a weekly rag from England (like Inquirer) and get all the dirt from around the world! Bill is diligently working – loves his “notebook” computer. Produces pages and pages of written word on it daily. Saw olympics on French TV – loved Mrs Miterand’s brightContinue reading “Lilongwe, Malawi”