Alan Bobbe’s Bistro, Nairobi, Kenya

June 1982

Grand finale to a grand tour. 1. The Tusker (beer) is still good to wash the Namibian sands away before returning to the Sahara. Like Namibia better. Are we ever going to hear from you again? 2. Artichokes,… and … – all things you take for granted now – well I guess there are benefits to being deprived 11 months out of 12! Let us know how your are and what you are up to.

Renate and Fred


January 1966

It was nice to hear from you. Pep is leading an Agriculture Edu. mission of FAO at the request of the Ethiopian govt. Thanks again for pulling him out of the Univ. of Minnesota. He said in 1958 if they had asked him to do what he is doing now he wouldn’t be able to without his experiences. It’s summertime here. I’m enjoying the weather, relaxing and having a wonderful holiday. The people are friendly. It is so different from other places.

Love, Pep and Ay

Monk from monastery of Debra Dam, Ethiopia


Looks like somebody stole the postage stamp…

October 1981

This is a MUST in our travels!! The falls must be seen, cannot possibly be adequately described. The hotel is superb in every way, there can’t be many left like it. Having a great time but suffering from the heat.


The Victoria Falls Hotel

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

October, 1980

We are going to Alem Maya University today. Will fly to Dire Dawa and car will meet us and we will drive back, returning on Monday.

All going well, team gets along well. I probably am taking more of lead than I should but that’s my style. Weather perfect here . Hope all will with you.

Love, Bill

Hamal Mosque, Mitsiwa, Ethiopia

Harare, Zimbabwe

February 1988

Arrived on schedule with a good sleep enroute. There were six of us for this meeting on the flight. I sat next to a Zimbabwean, former Dean of Agr., with whom we had worked at ISNAR so go well briefed on the agriculture. Our meetings start at 4:30 this afternoon. All OK!

More later, much love, Bill

Temp: 73 degrees F.

Woven Fabric, Niger

The Hague August 1985

We are expecting you to arrive on May 16 am (holiday here) Bill will see about the Madrid part – do you know if flights are every Sunday? Long ways from M. to Cordoba – did you know? Wish you were here to go to Budapest with us – April 4-8… Will let you know about Ordway… I hear Tom got snowed in! We did enjoy having them both. Bill’s trip to Ouagadougou was cancelled. He had a good 2 days in Paris this week.

Love, Va

Ivory Coast

Hotel Le President, Yamoussokro, Ivory Coast

Lagos, 1975

Thank you for your thank you! I’m still being regaled by stories of your Safari from all sides – glad it was such a fine adventure. I stayed at this hotel last week with the Edwards – it’s really incredible and in the middle of nowhere. Just happens to be the President’s home town! Most elegant hotel I’ve ever been to!

Lagos, Nigeria

The post card actually says Ivory Coast

February 1974

(I can’t read most of this but it is written to my grandmother from a friend of hers who was visiting Africa with a group.)

We are in a very nice hotel here but the weather is hot and humid, the city is so crowded.

I’m happy you’ll have your daughter with you soon. She’s afraid of the cold weather. Love and greetings to all,

Hellen D

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