The Empire Strikes Back

1981 Dear Thanks again for your directions and company. How was your St Pats evening? How was work the next morning? I had a frightful nightmare last night. I dreamed the only stationary available in Madison had pictures of our governor on it. So glad it was only a dream. Love Steve Chewbacca (Peter Meyhew),Continue reading “The Empire Strikes Back”

Cordoba, Spain

June 1973 Madrid Dear Mother We had a lovely dinner last night and then watched Flamenco dancers until the wee hrs. Today we spent several hours in the D’El Prado (like the Louvre) and Kathy ran into 3 kids from her school – one her roommate for next year!! We’re going by train tomorrow toContinue reading “Cordoba, Spain”

Bruges, Belgium

May 1982 Hi Happy May Day. It is cold and rainy. This statue is just unbelievably beautiful, done when Michelangelo was 26 yrs old!! This little city is lovely with such pretty bldgs with nice little windows. We did 4 churches, the city hall and lace factory yesterday. Will do a canal trip in theContinue reading “Bruges, Belgium”