Washington DC

Sept 2022

Had a good time in DC. Very cool exhibit.

Love, N

An Artist in Infinite Ways, Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC
Yayoi Kusama is a painter, sculptor, performance artist, fashion designer, film producer, author, and installation artist. Within this vast universe of talent, her name is all but synonymous with one particular element: polka dots. She sees dots and spheres as “infinity nets” that represent the universe. Her work has been shown at a nearly infinite number of museums around the world – Singapore, Taiwan, Mexico, Chile, New Zealand, Moscow, Sydney, London, New York, LA, DC, and of course, Tokyo – as well as the Venice Biennale. Her fashion collaborations range from Louis Vuitton to Uniqlo. Among her many honors is a National Lifetime Achievement Award from here native Japan.

Woven Fabric, Niger

The Hague August 1985

We are expecting you to arrive on May 16 am (holiday here) Bill will see about the Madrid part – do you know if flights are every Sunday? Long ways from M. to Cordoba – did you know? Wish you were here to go to Budapest with us – April 4-8… Will let you know about Ordway… I hear Tom got snowed in! We did enjoy having them both. Bill’s trip to Ouagadougou was cancelled. He had a good 2 days in Paris this week.

Love, Va

J.H. Weissenbruch (1824-1903)

July 1981

Hope you’ve had a great time in Calif. – and get home safely. We are going to airport this AM to meet Caroline who will be here overnight (from IITA). Bill had a good time there – was overwhelmed with hospitality, didn’t get involved in any problems. Nicholas up and quit one dark night – is now in Bodiga with a World Bank family – making a mint, I’m sure. Patrick working up at IH now!

Love, Va

View of a ship canal, Haags Gemeentemuseum, Netherlands

The Grand Canal, Venice

Joseph Mallord Williams Turner, British 1775*1851
Oil on canvas
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bequest of Cornelius Vanderbilt, 1899

The Hague, November 1982

I have been watching BBC on TV – the cable has finally been hooked up. The first thing I watched was the Queen opening Parliament – it was glorious in all her jewels and satins, gold coach, Diana and Charles, Margaret Thatcher, et al!! I made tollhouse cookies today, walked to the street market at Stevinstraat this aft in the mist – not too chilly – rather nice, in fact. Hope you are ok.

Love, Va

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