Karachi, Pakistan

Feb. 1982

I have been drooling over the beautiful silks, carpets, brass, etc. here in the hotel shops. Wish I could come back to this part of the world to do all my shopping! Bill is off to Islamabad today. I have had my hair trimmed, am reading 2 books, the room has TV, video movies – so I’m keeping busy. The lobby is elegant and interesting. Wish you were here.

Love, Va.

Hotel Intercontinental, Karachi

Bangkok, Thailand

February 1985

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do these dancers look kind of familiar to you? We saw a dancing show yesterday – many of same steps you learned. Bill took lots of pictures! It is to be 96 degrees here today. We joined the worshipers a the Temple of the Emerald Buddha yesterday – very impressive.

Tomorrow (Bill’s birthday) we leave for Singapore for 2 days. Have a good weekend!
Love and Kisses, Mom

“Finger Nail Dance” one of the most beautiful Thai Classical Dances

Bangkok, Thailand

October 198?

The trip over was long as usual. Got in about 11:00 pm. Just bit late. I am just lying by the pool and resting.

This hotel is very nice about like the Mandarin in Jakarta in many ways but with a larger pool!

All OK so far. Will write regularly.
Love, Bill

The Regent Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

August 1989

Good to visit old friends – not enough time. Came for the 30th anniversary of AIT – many ceremonies, graduation, even lunch and inner with the Princess. On to Hong Kong for a few days then home. Am afraid La Jolla will be too dull for words after all this excitement.

Love Bob and Gunta

Bangkok, Thailand

February 1982

We visited here yesterday and it is all being refinished but still magnificent. We were met by Bob and Gunta on arrival and spent the day with them. They send you greetings.

Today we will shop, rest, sun and tonight travel to Karachi. It is HOT here.

Love, Bill and Va

The Emerald Buddha Temple, Bangkok

Bogor, Indonesia

August, 1976

Sorry for not writing earlier. We’ve been busy visiting relatives and friends. We’ve just arrived in Malang, and enjoy our time with BT’s father. The country’s preparing for the 31st Independence Day this morning.

We all miss IITA very much. Especially Sandra, is all the time longing for “home”. She really is feeling very home sick, she said.

Love to you all, Jeanette

The main figures of Ramayana Dance.

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