Claude Monet

April 1983

Arrived Ok, bumpy flight, 2 hours late. Bill met me – we have visited about everyone and everything. I hear your party was a success. Bill likes your cards. It’s cold here – daffodils in bloom but not tulips yet. Madurodam is going strong! I’m unpacked so off to bed.

Love, Va

Claud Monet (1840-1926), A woman in a Garden, Ste Adresse 1867; Hermitage, Leningrad

Vincent Van Gogh

April 1982

Here is a nice Van Gogh for you! It is still very cold but trees and flowers are bursting. We are going to Bruges for the weekend. (Friday is Queen’s holiday here). Board arrives next week – Rosie and I’ve been planning for the ladies. Six coming so far.

Love, Va.

Vincent Van Gogh 1853-1890, The Harvest, Arles 1888

Enkhuizen, Netherlands

July 1981

This place had a most interesting museum of old fishing boats and regalia of the time. We had a nice time in Luxembourg over the weekend. It’s a beautiful little country and city – full of castles, forts and mts. We were impressed with the war cemetery (U.S.) there also. It is beautifully done. Alicia went with us – she and Bill bought beautiful anarkin-type (?) coats on sale!

So nice to have jean here – I’ll probably arrive Minn. Aug. 21. Love, Va.

The Hague, Netherlands

June 1984

The family arrived at 4 pm yesterday but were in good spirits and all looked so nice. The girls seemed to feel at home right away – unpacked and organized their things! We ate supper, walked around the block, and they all fell into bed – are still asleep (11 am). Wish you were here ,too.

Love, Va

Volendam, Netherlands

July 1981

We’ve just had a delicious panekoke brunch. So good! Yesterday we took a picnic brunch and traveled up to Enkhuisen – ate on the shore of IJsselmeer, a beautiful spot. Then went on into the town and visited very interesting museum – the Zuiderzee Museum — many old boats and thing having to do with the sea. It was a lovely rip. Alicia went with us. Friday night we heard a lovely organ concert in a big church here. We’ve had beautiful weather.

Love, Jean


December 1981

It sure was good to visit with you yesterday. Glad I didn’t get you out of the shower this time. We are still having snow and quite cold weather, but we are driving to Amsterdam this evening to a concert with Isaac Stern as guest soloist. We’ll ge

t up early, have a bite of supper, then to the concert and right back home. We have season tickets for these concerts. Must get over to the post box.

Love to you, Dede

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