The Cheese Shop

July 1981

It was so nice to visit with you last night. We are grocery shopping and resting today. A friend of mine came in for tea this aft. We watch TV in the eve. (what there is in English). We watched “Little Women” tonight. It was good. I hope you have seen it. We’re having two in for dinner tomorrow eve.

Love to you, Dede

Alida Hoeve, Volendam, Netherlands

Brussels, Belgium

June 1985

We have had a nice dinner in a 5 star rest. and are watching TV – getting rested for our 9:30 tour tomorrow am. Jean was properly impressed with the “Grand Place” tho the cobblestones are murder on the feet. Wish you were here.

Love, Va

Hotel Amigo, Brussels


This superb building is that in which Parliament is housed. On the right, the Victoria Tower, and on the left, Big Ben.

August 1956

Hi you lucky people. Having a wonderful time. Happy to get all the letters which were here on our arrival. London is sunny and warm. Shows, TV, etc. are very good. All these tall buildings are too much for local yokels like me. Will sail the night of the 23rd, can hardly wait – we need the rest. Will write more later.

Love and stuff, the Hewitts

Cote D’Azur, France

June 1979

The place hasn’t changed a bit – neither has the food and its weight building capacity! Actually there’s not that much excitement but it’s just good to be here. I’ll call you when I get back to Calif. at the beginning of July. I got a job which starts July 9th. Whoopie.

Love, Angela

Vienna, Austria

March 1994

We have been enjoying Vienna but it is cool and rainy. We went to Schoenbrunn and today we went to the Spanish Riding School. Otherwise just been walking around a lot and taking it easy. Went to a wine cellar last night. Will leave tomorrow for Graz.

Love, Kathy

Schoenbrunn Palace, Equestrian Room with the Marshals Table

Genoa, Italy

January 1973

We are in Genoa waiting for the train to take us on our way to St Raphael, France. This is such an interesting city – walked down to the docks yesterday aft. and saw the huge ships coming and going. Just great! Everybody seems to be getting along fine – so far!! Steve even told Va. he was glad he had come!!!! We hated to leave Switzerland – it is so beautiful.. but every new thing we see is great!! Food is good. The kids have lived on spaghetti!! They love it!

Love, Jean

Hotel Amigo, Brussels

July 1985

Dear Jean,

So glad to hear it all went ok. I’ve got things in good order – washed sweaters in machine and they are fine! K’s wife called yesterday – doesn’t know what to do about him and his “exploits”. Now I have to talk to him. Ugh. No sun today but is quite nice anyway. I get homesick when I see your coat – I’ll try to get it to you somehow. Hope you get slots of sleep and rest now – and do some fund things before work begins.

Love, Va

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