The Netherlands

March 1991 Isn’t this nice? They have a large one hanging as you start upstairs in the refurbished Maruitshuis. Bill and I went this AM – all my old favorites (Steen, F Hals, Rembrandt, etc) are all there, but the bldg is beautiful! We are off to Dorothy’s for tea – ISNAR for weekly get-togetherContinue reading “The Netherlands”

Piestany, Slovakia

February 1993 Greetings from Piestany! It’s wonderful to be here – sometimes I have to pinch myself. Very little English is spoken so I struggle with Slovak-German. People appreciate the effort if not the accent! Slovakia is a beautiful country – all is mountains or foothills with many forests and rivers. Comm. ruined some valleysContinue reading “Piestany, Slovakia”

Strasbourg, France

July 1983 Hi We are just crossing German-Dutch border while eating dejeuner. It’s really been fun – with lots of wine, champagne, flirting, sleeping, Spite & Malice, looking, visiting! Home this aft from Rotterdam by train. Wish you had been along! Love, Va “Le Mouvement qui nous eleve le plus est celui qui nous convientContinue reading “Strasbourg, France”

Cordoba, Spain

June 1973 Madrid Dear Mother We had a lovely dinner last night and then watched Flamenco dancers until the wee hrs. Today we spent several hours in the D’El Prado (like the Louvre) and Kathy ran into 3 kids from her school – one her roommate for next year!! We’re going by train tomorrow toContinue reading “Cordoba, Spain”

Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

May 1981 Hi Arrived ok, took an hour’s bus ride from Belgrade to this nice little city on the Danube. I have been enjoying the meetings, as well as a tour of the Agric. Fair which was very impressive and we walk everywhere, at least, my feet are holding up so far. Tomorrow we’ll goContinue reading “Novi Sad, Yugoslavia”