May 1963

I got your good letter today. thank you for writing such an interesting letter. In this picture the things that the boy and girl are looking at are called PiƱata’s and are filled with candy and gifts. They are used for birthdays and the cover is made of Paper Mache.

Write again. Love, Bill

El Salvador, Central America

March 1968

Hi – we arrived ok last night and had hotel accommodations sin problemas. Tis a lovely day with lunch by the pool but long sessions this a.m. See you soon.

Love, Bill

  1. Basilica de Guadalupe; 2. Plaza Libertad; 3. Palacio Nacional; 4. Biblioteca Nacional; 5. Puerta del Diablo; 6. Hotel El Salvador; 7. Catedral Santa Ana; 8. Lago Coatepeque; 9. Ruinas de Tazumal

Antigua, Guatemala


Detail of ornamentation, Church of Merced, Antigua, Guatemala, Monument of America. Land of eternal spring.

The photo I took of the church:

Ruins of La Recoleccion Church, Antigua

I took the same photo with my mother featured in front:

Chapel of the Hermano Pedro in the church of San Francisco, Antigua

Vina del Mar, Chile

January 1967

I have received your telegram and copy of memo to New York – thank you for both.

We had a very good time in Panama and Chile is treating us very well also, with good weather which we are enjoying mostly on the beach We are leaving tomorrow for our farm a little south of here, where will spend about a week. I think we will postpone our return to February 30 – but I will send you a cable confirming our arrival.

Best Regards, Edwardo

San Juan, Puerto Rico

July 1999

Walked by many of these tonight in old San Juan. Had a nice dinner in the hotel. Hopefully all will go well tomorrow and the trip will be worth the effort!!

Love, Tim

Caleta de San Juan is the name of this quaint Old World style street with picturesque Spanish facades typical of Old San Juan.

Bogota, Colombia


Tomorrow I am leaving towards Caracas . So far the visit has been very profitable, hope will be more. I remind you the promise you made to go “La Compana”, Chile. I’ll be back May 9th.


The internationally famous 400 room Hotel Tequendama. Within reach of major cities on six continents via Pan American.

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