Saint-Raphael, France

La Cote d’Azur, La plage et la Terrasse des Bains

June, 1973

You can imagine the beautiful view our room has. It is delightful weather – the Mediterranean is so blue today. Walked across the road and down to the beach this morning – we all got a little sunburned, I’m afraid. Have been resting and washing our clothes this afternoon. We looked through some of the shops and all had delicious pizza later.


Here I am sun bathing in my new French bathing suit on the beach in Saint-Raphael.

Nyeri, Kenya

Treetops, Nyeri, Kenya

June, 1968

Had a nice time at Treetops – saw lots of wild game. It is beautiful here (Mt Kenya)- and chilly. Have a fireplace in my room which I use. Meetings going well but saddened by death of R. Kennedy. (McGeorge) Bundy leaving tonight for funeral.


Here I am hiking in to Treetops in December, 1974. Lots of crazy baboons on the roof.

On another note, this week I am being featured on Cinda’s A Place in the World Blog. Check it out !!

Inner Hebredes, Scotland

Isle of Staffa, Fingel’s Cave

I cruised by Staffa in a boat in 1980 or there abouts. Staffa has been uninhabited since about 1800. We couldn’t stop on this isle but stopped on the nearby isle of Iona, known for its abbey. Population is less than 200. I snapped the photo below.

The Abbey at Iona

San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico

Pyramid of the Sun

Imposing ancient Pyramid of the Sun, Almost seven hundred feet at the base, rises to a height of over two hundred feet. This postcard is from the 1960’s. It looks much different today with a lot more excavations.

I climbed this several times. Below a friend of mine is climbing it in the late 1970’s.

Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi Municipal Building

January 1970

Remember the 3-wheelers in Rangoon? These are highly decorated ones. We came up to Islamabad today, the all new city which is now capitol of Pakistan. It is a very beautiful area – not far from the Khyber pass into Afghanistan. We got lots of mail that had been forwarded to us the other day. Hope to get a letter from you before we leave here. Karachi was fun.


Cosmonauts Day

April 12 is International Day of Human Space Flight. It commemorates the anniversary of the first human manned space flight buy Yuri Gargarin on April 12, 1961. Gargarin was 27 years old and he circled the Earth for 1 hour and 48 minutes.

Here I am holding my child up against the statue of Yuri Gargarin in Moscow, Russia. I love that statue.

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