The Netherlands

March 1991 Isn’t this nice? They have a large one hanging as you start upstairs in the refurbished Maruitshuis. Bill and I went this AM – all my old favorites (Steen, F Hals, Rembrandt, etc) are all there, but the bldg is beautiful! We are off to Dorothy’s for tea – ISNAR for weekly get-togetherContinue reading “The Netherlands”

Trinidad, West Indies

Jan 1971 Dear Still greetings from Trinidad but tomorrow from Caracas. Hope you and bag arrived OK! Take care. Love, Bill The Carribbean’s newest luxury hotel where guests descend from the grand lobby to their rooms with private balcony overlooking Port-of-Spain and the sea. Picturesque gardens and pools, restaurants and bar and entertainment echo theContinue reading “Trinidad, West Indies”

Lilongwe, Malawi

Feb 1992 Hi Another beautiful day!! I’m now even buying a weekly rag from England (like Inquirer) and get all the dirt from around the world! Bill is diligently working – loves his “notebook” computer. Produces pages and pages of written word on it daily. Saw olympics on French TV – loved Mrs Miterand’s brightContinue reading “Lilongwe, Malawi”