Washington DC

Sept 2022

Had a good time in DC. Very cool exhibit.

Love, N

An Artist in Infinite Ways, Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC
Yayoi Kusama is a painter, sculptor, performance artist, fashion designer, film producer, author, and installation artist. Within this vast universe of talent, her name is all but synonymous with one particular element: polka dots. She sees dots and spheres as “infinity nets” that represent the universe. Her work has been shown at a nearly infinite number of museums around the world – Singapore, Taiwan, Mexico, Chile, New Zealand, Moscow, Sydney, London, New York, LA, DC, and of course, Tokyo – as well as the Venice Biennale. Her fashion collaborations range from Louis Vuitton to Uniqlo. Among her many honors is a National Lifetime Achievement Award from here native Japan.

Jakarta, Indonesia

July 1987

My hotel is very nice but we will be here only a few more days before moving to a guest house in Bogor. All is going well and I have now more or less adjusted to the new time zone.

The weather is hot – 90’s and humid but that is normal. Traffic here is terrific but I don’t have to drive in it. Our work is on from early morning to late at night but not too late.

Love, Bill

Heidelberg, Germany

July 1984

Surely you remember the biggest wine barrel in the world! Anyway, it is in the cellar of the Heidelberg castle and we climbed on top of it today, along with about a million other tourists. The town of H. is full of people, as well as rain – luckily it usually only rains hard when we are inside restaurants, Italian ice cream shops, and stores. Tomorrow we catch the train back to Holland – hope Va. is rested and ready for us again!


Twin Cities, Minnesota

Streetcar No. 265, on the left, is a restored 1915 Twin City-built, Duluth Street Railway operated car. Streetcar No. 1300 on the right, is a restored 1908 Twin City-built and operated car. Both cars are run on a summer schedule in South Minneapolis by volunteer members of the Minnesota Transportation Museum. Photo by Loren Martin.

Edinburgh, Scotland

July 1980 (?)

I”m in Scotland for the weekend with a friend I met in London. I’ve been having a good time so far on my trip and I’ve learned a lot. Scotland is beautiful. It’s nice to get out of the big city. I hope your summer is going well and hasn’t been too warm.

Love, Jane

Waipukurau, New Zealand


G’day from Down Under. Have been busy catching up with all the family. Have been playing some lawn bowls. Off to the beach tomorrow.

See you soon, Love, Jenny

Legends of the Maori. The Maori, who had no written language, was an accomplished story teller and this romantic legends are many and varied. The story of Hinemos and Tutanekai, one of the better known legends, is told here but briefly.

Washington DC

May 1993

How’s everything going? Well, I hope. Lots of changes here. I got a new job. Mike left to go to Central Office, and Shirley’s division is bing completely changed.

Jim B.

Lincoln Memorial. Three of the most impressive sights that can be seen by visitors to the Nation’s Capital. The Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Capital Building.

Saint Paul, Minnesota


This photo of St Paul shows the West Publishing Co., where Tim works – the brown bldg on the river in the righthand lower side of the picture. It is quite large (I put an X on it). Allison is just beginning to talk on the phone, so she calls me up and we have good conversations. She is taught German everyday in Kindergarten yet! Allie and Val are having a halloween party Sat 4 to 6. I’m invited! Tom runs a marathon in Iowa City on Sun.

Love to you, Dede

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