November 1988

Greetings – and many thinks for your visit! We loved seeing you and catching up our news. Will call later on regarding our St Paul Visit.

Love, Bruce

Minnesota is our 32nd state (1858). Capitol St Paul. Name derived from the Sioux Indians, meaning sky-tinted water. Its 10,000 lakes are said to have been made by Paul Bunyan’s blue ox, Babe. Longfellow’s famous poem The Song of Hiawatha, tells of the Minnesota waterfalls that “flashed and gleamed” and rivers that rushed through “palisades of pine trees”.

Washington, DC

November 1981

I ran myself ragged yesterday cleaning the apt. and packing in Minneapolis. Then Kathy drove me to the airport, and in 2 hours I was in Washington with Bill. We are in a very nice hotel – with a tiny kitchen so we can eat here much of the time. Bill had it stocked with grape nuts and cheese! I have just slept and rested today – walked over to Watergate shopping center for a bit of exercise. Nice weather.

Love, Dede

The River Inn, Washington DC. In Foggy Bottom between the Kennedy Center and Georgetown.

Taylors Falls, Minnesota

July 1973

When we were on the boat unfortunately could not see this view since we were sitting on other side of the boat. But enjoyed our cruise anyway – down here for the day to picnic and relax. Now the sun is sinking and the river is very peaceful – not too many people here today. Probably impossible on the weekend.

Love, Tim

The “Old Man of the Dalles” and upper landing of the Dalles of St. Croix. Taylors Falls, Minn.



Not quite exact, but appropriate! The Vikings won they first play-of game and this week thanks to Pillsbury who bought out the last tickets we can all watch on TV again. Glad to hear K and bags arrived in Nairobi – hope the safari was great – we are all envious!


Memorial Stadium. At the University of Minnesota where the Gopher football teams renew each year football relations with the best teams of the country. The Golden Gophers square off on this gridiron before capacity groups of 60,000 fans, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

North Dakota


Greetings from the South –

We are slowly getting back into the working world. It’s tough! Marg called yesterday to say she’s having a great time in Hawaii. Non-stop as usual.

Thanks so much for taking care of us all in Brainerd. We enjoyed it, just sorry we couldn’t have stayed longer. See you Sunday.

Love, Tom

Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Petrified wood of coniferous trees can be found throughout the park. These ancestors of the present-day sequoia tell of a wetter climate and changing past environment.

Livingston, Montana

These postcards are from the turn of the century (1900). It was apparently all the rage to make your photographs into postcards and send them to people.

This one is also to my great aunt in Waterloo, Iowa.

November 1914

The beginning of the postcard is not legible.

…. They told me you have my old room and some of my left overs no doubt. Well, be good to them. How is your mother? There have been some Sunday afternoons I have thought I must run in.
Love to all, Clara

I’m pretty sure, Clara was her first cousin.

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