Lexington, Kentucky

March 1988

Greetings from Berea (Kentucky). But, we visited Shaker Village yesterday and saw this lovely staircase. A real work of art! Ran into the Hansens here tonight. (Burma, Nigeria, Mexico) they are on an Elder Hostel. All well! We like the South.

Much Love, Bill & Va

Trustees’ Office 1839. “We went thro the Office, it is a brick house… the stairs are in the shape of a half moon and have 22 steps in the flight.” Shaker Manuscript August 21, 1874

Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

This is a confusing postcard because it has a date stamp both from Lexington, Kentucky and Montgomery, Alabama.

Ithaca, New York

Marble Altars
Church of the Immaculate Conception
Ithaca, New York
Rev. William Byrne, Pastor
High Altar – gift of Mary E. Collins
Side Alters Donated by Mr and Mrs Frank Speno, Sr
Three Altars Consecrated June 9, 1938
by Most Rev. James E Kearney, DD

Balch Hall — one of three residence halls for women at Cornell University.

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