Republique du Tchad

November 1973 Dear Arrived here ok and it is hotter than I expected – 95 degrees yesterday when we landed but dry heat. The persons to whom Susan had written are anxious to see us and we already have lots of meetings line up. However offices are only open from 7 – 1 pm. soContinue reading “Republique du Tchad”

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Zimbabwe, Feb 1988 Dear All going well. I gave my presentation this morning and it went OK. I’ve been active with the sub-group with which I work and we have the China trip finalized. We’ll be at Victoria Falls this weekend. Ruth is here but there isn’t much for spouses so I think it OKContinue reading “Victoria Falls, Zambia”

Nairobi, Kenya

August, 1980 Sorry for not phoning you while in U.S. We only stayed a few days. We had an around the world trip to Japan and Asia, was great. However, everything goes down the closer you get to India. Will return to the funny farm tomorrow – perhaps I don’t have a job – beenContinue reading “Nairobi, Kenya”

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

July, 1991 My dears, Abidjan is as glitzy as ever, and after 5 days of rain and mud up to here in Bamako, it’s ok for a little R & R! This has been a hard working but heavily nostalgic trip. I’ve been wined and dined by old friends in Dakar, Bamako and here. WhatContinue reading “Abidjan, Ivory Coast”