Looks like somebody stole the postage stamp…

October 1981

This is a MUST in our travels!! The falls must be seen, cannot possibly be adequately described. The hotel is superb in every way, there can’t be many left like it. Having a great time but suffering from the heat.


The Victoria Falls Hotel

Ivory Coast

Hotel Le President, Yamoussokro, Ivory Coast

Lagos, 1975

Thank you for your thank you! I’m still being regaled by stories of your Safari from all sides – glad it was such a fine adventure. I stayed at this hotel last week with the Edwards – it’s really incredible and in the middle of nowhere. Just happens to be the President’s home town! Most elegant hotel I’ve ever been to!

Lagos, Nigeria

The post card actually says Ivory Coast

February 1974

(I can’t read most of this but it is written to my grandmother from a friend of hers who was visiting Africa with a group.)

We are in a very nice hotel here but the weather is hot and humid, the city is so crowded.

I’m happy you’ll have your daughter with you soon. She’s afraid of the cold weather. Love and greetings to all,

Hellen D

Nairobi, Kenya

November 1975


Greetings! it has been a lovely sunny weekend here. I didn’t see any animals. I just rested, read and walked around. Today I’m going to Tanzania for a week. I hope all is well with you and wish you were here.

Love, Bill

East African Game

Mount Kenya Safai Club

New Stanley Hotel, Nairobi

Republique du Tchad

November 1973


Arrived here ok and it is hotter than I expected – 95 degrees yesterday when we landed but dry heat.

The persons to whom Susan had written are anxious to see us and we already have lots of meetings line up. However offices are only open from 7 – 1 pm. so we will have free time for resting in pm.

Love Bill

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Eastern Cataract in flood. Victoria Falls, Zambia

Zimbabwe, Feb 1988


All going well. I gave my presentation this morning and it went OK. I’ve been active with the sub-group with which I work and we have the China trip finalized. We’ll be at Victoria Falls this weekend. Ruth is here but there isn’t much for spouses so I think it OK that you didn’t come.

Love, Bill

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