Feb. 1995

Thank you for your cards! by the time you get this you will be home – hope you had a good trip. We have been here 1 week – had some nice days and then cool and rainy – but warmer than Minnesota. Will see Helgesons tomorrow and Browns next week. Went to a Minnesota picnic on Sunday.

Love, Gene and Betty

Top left: Apache Lake; Top Right: Canyon Lake; Bottom Left: Square Lake Vista; Bottom right: Roosevelt Lake

Tucson, Arizona

March 1985

I addressed two cards so you are a priority. I’ll have another card anxious to hear about the last meeting.


The International Wildlife Museum, Tucson, AZ. Musk Oxen. Musk oxen are cousins to sheep and cattle. They have the northernmost range of any animal and are found in northern Canada and the arctic. Their wooly hair keeps them warm in the colder conditions.

Sedona, Arizona

Feb 1995

Greetings from Sunny Scottsdale! Actually it’s been pretty wet. Had a good time at client meetings for the past 5 days. Guess it’s been the coldest time Mpls has had all winter so my timing has been good. Looking forward to seeing xx? in a few days.


Sedona, Arizona. A view of Schnebly Hill from uptown Sedona, with the tree tops along Oak Creek creating an autumn mosaic of colors in the foreground.


Wukoki Ruin

August 1988

Happy Birthday!

Hope you had a great time in Boston. I’m have a lot of sun out west. See you soon.

Love, Jane

Wupatki National Monument. From Wukoki ruin one has a spectacular view of the San Francisco peaks.

Phoenix, Arizona


“One of the newest and most popular winter resorts in the “Valley of the Sun” is the spacious modern Camel Back Inn, located in the heart of the desert near Phoenix, a resort of real charm.”

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