The Netherlands

March 1991 Isn’t this nice? They have a large one hanging as you start upstairs in the refurbished Maruitshuis. Bill and I went this AM – all my old favorites (Steen, F Hals, Rembrandt, etc) are all there, but the bldg is beautiful! We are off to Dorothy’s for tea – ISNAR for weekly get-togetherContinue reading “The Netherlands”

Bruges, Belgium

May 1982 Hi Happy May Day. It is cold and rainy. This statue is just unbelievably beautiful, done when Michelangelo was 26 yrs old!! This little city is lovely with such pretty bldgs with nice little windows. We did 4 churches, the city hall and lace factory yesterday. Will do a canal trip in theContinue reading “Bruges, Belgium”


The Hague, Feb, 1982 Hi This is one of the many mosaics beautifully preserved in Jordan. Twas good visiting with you last week, hope the snow is abating. Yesterday the 2 Alicias and I went up north of Amsterdam to the Frisian Floral Fair and it was just fantastic. This whole building filled with flowersContinue reading “Jordan”

Rapid City, South Dakota

August, 1985 Dear Grandma and Grandpa We are staying in a cabin. It is very small. I think it is the best place in the whole wide world. All of us are well and Astra. We saw Mt Rushmore. It was pretty big. Love, Allie This year has seen a return to the extensive useContinue reading “Rapid City, South Dakota”

Zurich, Switzerland

June, 2010 Happy Father’s Day! Wait, that isn’t for you… It was nice to chat with you in Madison. Hope you had fun after we left. Here’s another battle scene for your collection from the Zurich Museum. Love Tim and K Feb 10, 2022 – Today is actually my father’s 102nd birthday. He sent meContinue reading “Zurich, Switzerland”