Piet Mondrian

June 1985

We went yesterday to Het Loo and found there is a very good slide show about the place. Rainy and very chilly but I enjoyed it very much – saw more than first time, of course. It will be even better next month!! We’ll go to the museum here today – and maybe to an exhibit of old Dutch and Flemish paintings on loan to Rotterdam (from the Hermitage yet!) tomorrow. Jeanette had such with us here on Wed.

Love, Va

Paris, France

Centre National D’Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou

Den Haag
May 1982


We came home today after a nice time in Paris. We spent an aft. in this new center – think you and Tom would be interested in the bldg. – amazing! The other side is all huge multicolored pipes – (air cond., fresh air, that, etc)… The tunnels are walkways and escalators. We saw the Kirov ballet one night – marvelous. We walked our feet off – had nice weather, but so many people – tourists already there. ow K & I will sightsee this week here.

Love, Va.

Nigerian Mask

Igu Mask, Nigeria

Paris, March 1973

We are on our way to Amsterdam. I’ll take KLM to Chicago, Bill to Frankfort and Lagos. The Paris weather has been cold but clear and sunny – lovely. I walked miles to know Paris a little better. Had lunch with Zina yesterday – she says Lisa is very unhappy here – she’s going to US for Easter. Do keep warm, for that helps to recover and prevent colds.

Love to you, Mom

Lima, Peru

June 1980

Greetings from Peru. skies are grey but otherwise all is fine. Had good stay in Mexico. Hoe all well with you.

Love, Bill

Golden Arms, Chimu Culture (13th-15th Century) For your travels in Peru, consult “Reparaz’s Guide to Peru – Handbook for Travelers” (English Edition).

Art Photography


Good Seeing you last month, mess that I was. Really appreciated you guys coming out. Keep me posted on the love life and coco sale. Don’t melt (have watched the Midwest weather!)

Love, Beth

Trixie on the Cot During Liberty’s Booty, New York City, 1980. Photography by Nan Goldin


July 1989

We’ve been in Brisbane the last few days – it’s a wonderful city but it might just as well be in Oregon as Australia. We’re leaving for the country today. Fiji was beautiful and very different. Hope all is okay and cool in MN.

See you soon. Love, Jane

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