Kandy, Ceylon

We are spending this holiday at a beautiful beach house on the SW coast of this lush tropical island. The trip has been marvelous and an eye-opener! In Hong Kong I saw three days of Mao Red guard demonstrations from my room at the Hilton Hotel. There was nothing South American about his – the demonstrations were dead serious and rather violent. Bangkok with its floating market on the klongs and rice paddie countryside plowed by water buffalo showed me how the people really live. Singapore reflected the British influence in its well manicured lawns and orderly streets.

Regards to all

Khumbu, Nepal

Kathmandu, May 1993


Lovely mangosteen, rambutan, papaya in Bangkok but non here. Heavy rain in evening but day starting fine. Hotel plain but OK. My colleague on assignment is good field man. Saturday’s here is day of no work. All OK so far. Slept well last night.


Kowloon, Hong Kong

November 1954

We arrived yesterday after a nice flight. We tried to get caught up on new clothes, hamburgers, and milk today! This is really a fabulous place – beautiful, too. We are staying in Kowloon with a nice view of Harbor, ships and Hong Kong.


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