San Francisco, CA

1950, Golden Gate Park

Comprising 1,013 acres, Golden Gate Park is the largest man-made park in the world. It extends four miles through residential districts ending at the Pacific Ocean. There are miles of bridal paths, motor roads, foot trails as well as museums and animal runs in the Park.

Los Angeles, California

Griffith Observatory

Nov 2006


Toured this observatory with Bill and Bron on Friday. What spectacular views of the city below.

Enjoyed meeting Roberto for breakfast and was good to spend time with Floyd and Joyce and Russ. Russ is struggling to keep up with all the care Phil needs. Also enjoyed seeing Bud and the family at Anglica’s home. Hope all is well with you.

Love, Tom

Griffith Observatory has been a major Los Angeles landmark since 1935. Visited by nearly two million people each year, it ranks as one of the top tourist attractions of Southern California. It sits on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood where it commands a stunning view of the Los Angeles basin below. The Griffith Observatory provides information on astronomy and related sciences to the public.

San Francisco, CA

Fort Ross


We visited the Russian fort in California yesterday. It has a beautiful view of the sea, and lots of cannons. There were a lot of rifles in this building too.

Love, Tim

Kuskov House, Fort Ross State Historic Park, California. This building is a reconstruction of the residence of Ivan Alexandrovich Kuskov, who founded Fort Ross in 1812 and was the first manager. Ross was a settlement of the Russian American Company until 1841.

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