Quebec, Canada

These postcards are vintage. Not sure what year.

“Belongs to the Canadian Pacific Railway. The wing overlooking the river was built in 1893. The north wing and central tower were built in 1924-25. Perfect imitation of old French Renaissance Chateau.”

Canadian Rockies

Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton

The Banff Springs Hotel and the Bow Valley – The Banff Springs Hotel has one of he most spectacular settings in the world, surrounded by mountains and overlooking the Bow River and its own world class golf course. In the view Tunnel Mountain is on the left, Mt Rundle on the right, and the Fairholme Range in the distance.

Mt Rundle is the town of Banff’s most distinctive mountain. this view is from Mt Norquay, a famous ski mountain on the opposite side of the Bow valley.

Lake Louise is famous for the turquoise waters, the shining glacier-clad peak of Mt Victoria, and the world-class hotel which graces its shores and bears its name.

Athabasca Glacier – Athabasca Glacier is one of many glaciers which flow from the Columbia Icefield, the hydrographic apex of North America. Because of its proximity to the Icefield Parkway, Athabasca Glacier is much admired, photographed and travelled on.

Alberta, Canada

September, 1996


We are enjoying this magnificent area – one forgets how beautiful the Rockies are – and here espec. We had lunch yesterday in the Chateau on Lake Louise. Unbelievably beautiful. Wish you were here.

Love Bill and Va.

Snowmobiles at the Columbia Icefield, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. Specially equipped vehicles enable summer visitors to tour the snow-covered Athabasca Glacier, a tongue of the west Columbia Icefield. In the background is the spectacular icefall at the head of the glacier.

Banff, Canada

September, 1993


It is not sposed to get over 8C today here with maybe some snow! There was heavy frost and some snow on the mts. in the Banff area. Winter is coming early. We had a great Chinese dinner last night.

Home from Edmonton on Fri.

Love, Va

Banff, Alberta, Canada – The Banff Springs Hotel, strategically located at the foot of Sulphur Mountain overlooking the joining of the Spray and Bow Rivers, has a unique and distinctive charm offering all the services that skiers in the winter or tourists in the summer could desire.

Ontario, Canada


Taking a weeks break up in the north country. Had to bring Jen across to Canada to make her feel at home. Beautiful weather and not many people making it nice. Thinking about renting a canoe.

Love, Tom

World’s Largest Antlered Mammal – Taller than a horse, the Canadian moose can weigh in excess of 1200 pounds, and have a rack spread of up to 64 inches. He eats twigs an shrubs, but his food is the root of the water lily.

Gaspe, Quebec

July 1995


We are on the gulf of St. Lawrence now and it is windy an a bit rough. Walking the decks is fun! Spent the morning in St Pierre. Very typical little French town with lace curtains and garden plots. They even use francs. The boat crew is Ukranian and my Russian is lacking.

Marilynn and Edna

Archipel de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon – La place Charles de Gaulle – Saint Pierre

Riding Mountain National Park, Canada

July, 1989

Today we are actually in Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, near the Int’l Peace Gardens on the North Dakota border where we used to come from Fargo long ago. Riding Mountain has lovely lakes and trails, but many hungry mosquitoes. We started our Canadian travels at Lake Winnipeg, just north of Winnipeg, at a wonderful sand beach with real dunes. The camp site, however, had even more mosquitoes than Riding Mountain! (so far I’ve only gotten two bites at Turtle Mountain – comparative heaven…) tomorrow we will head home.


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