Republique du Tchad

November 1973 Dear Arrived here ok and it is hotter than I expected – 95 degrees yesterday when we landed but dry heat. The persons to whom Susan had written are anxious to see us and we already have lots of meetings line up. However offices are only open from 7 – 1 pm. soContinue reading “Republique du Tchad”

N’Djamena, Chad

November, 1974 Greetings from NDjamena (which used to be called Fort Lamy). Arrived here yesterday via Douala, Cameroon. It is hot — 95 degrees or more when we landed. We will be here until Saturday when we fly to Paris for a connection to Abidjan. A long way around but much shorter in time. HopeContinue reading “N’Djamena, Chad”