Heidelberg, Germany

August 1969

Wish we know Tim’s address! Would love to go see him or call him if he is located out of town. Pep attended a meeting in Geneva, so after the conference we took four days official leave and drove up to Frankfurt and now we are in Heidelberg. Leaving for Stuttgart this evening to spend the night there, before we join some friends in the French Riviera, then through the Italian coast before we go home.

Do give Tim our address. Wish he can come and visit us and use our home to see Italy. We hope he can make it.

We always think of Bill land you whenever we enjoy ourselves traveling. Thank you Always!

It’s a beautiful drive we are having fun. Don’t have to watch weight. The air is so fresh. Cost of living is rather cheap compare to Rome.

With our love, Pep and Aiji

Brussels, Belgium

June 1985

We have had a nice dinner in a 5 star rest. and are watching TV – getting rested for our 9:30 tour tomorrow am. Jean was properly impressed with the “Grand Place” tho the cobblestones are murder on the feet. Wish you were here.

Love, Va

Hotel Amigo, Brussels

Geneva, Switzerland

September 1975

We are here awaiting the Lagos flight. Rome was HOT and crowded – but still elegant and pleasant. Had some great pasta, Bill had good meetings with FAO. London was cold and rainy. We went to a good movie _ The Wind and the Lion, saw some good TV, ate well. Alitalia lost my good red bag – afraid it’s going for good. Hope you are okay.

Love and kisses, Mom

Amsterdam, Netherlands

July, 1985

Notice the June 17, New Yorker cover?

Tom and gang got back last nite after a wonderful trip – biking along the Vecht river in central Holland – had perfect weather. We are all going to Alicia’s for tacos tonight, then will be off Monday to the castle and other places in South Holland.

August, 1985

Thanks for your good letter and card. Bill and I are going thru things today making lists, etc. The packer is coming Tuesday to look things over for an estimate. We’re going to Alicia’s for supper tonite, a new couple are to be here for my usual “stew” tomorrow, we go to Haarlem for supper and organ on Tues. and we’ll take Dorothy to Keviet for dinner Wed. Wish you were here.

Love, Va

Den Haag, Netherlands

July 1985

Got your letter of the 12th – guess you are having real summer. We are having nice weather these days – Toms’ biked to Delft and explored it yesterday. They went to Gouda (by train) today. T & J went to the fish restaurant last nite – all dressed up – on their bikes (just like the Dutch). They have more energy than you can imagine – don’t want to miss a thing. Went swimming in our pool this aft. We’re having Alicia and Esther (the Colombian gal) for supper tomorrow. Bill goes to Damascus on Sat am til Tues.

Love, Va

Holland in Bloom

December 1981

Dear Fernie,

Bill and I are getting ready to go for a walk – it is cloudy and old. We went to a lovely snow-covered park about 2 hours east of here yesterday – it was really beautiful – also had a nice museum. We got stuck in parking lot – but otherwise was lovely day.

Happy New Year!
Love, Dede

Torun, Poland


This is a Polish postcard – I can’t believe I’m finally somewhere you haven’t been! Excitement plus. Well, we have been thru London, Dover, Calais, Brussels, Bonn, Linz, Vienna, Czech, Carowia, Warsaw and here. I’m exhausted. Of course we broke the drought and the heatwave – it has been cold or cool and we have been rained on several times. I can’t stand not being able to understand anyone, but otherwise I love it. Why did I never come before?

Paris, France

Paris, December 1973

Just got back to Paris after a few really very enjoyable days in Spain. Are off to see the city today and tomorrow and then back to London on Wed. the 12th. Got the Aralen but had taken some yesterday, different kind but don’t think it matters. Till Later

Love, T and J

Paris, France

Dear Mom

Arrived in Paris yesterday eve about 6:15. Have a nice hotel. What we’ve seen of the city is beautiful. Walked a little bit last night and are ready to start sight-seeing this morning. Stayed in Toulouse night before last — it is certainly an interesting city. Everybody seems pretty good. Jane and Tom don’t eat much but are taking vitamins and I guess they will get along. I am getting fat, I think — the French bread and rolls are so good I can’t resist them! Jane and Kathy seem to be getting along ok. Surely wish I had brushed up on my French! It is frustrating not to be able to understand.


We had a lovely day today. First went to see Rodin’s Museum with all his sculptures – then to Napoleon’s Tomb–then to the Eiffel Tower (which Tom Loved!). Bill and our family went part way up. Then took the Metro to Montmartre and to the lovely church Sacre Coeur and then to all the art places around– very interesting. All tired tonight but OK! Ate in the hotel – it is small, quiet and very nice. We think Paris is great. Hope everything is ok with you.

Love, Jean

Vintage Lugano

Lago di Lugano, Santa Margherita 1915

Lugano, Monte San Salvatore

My cousin found these postcards recently. They are special to me because I lived in Lugano, Switzerland for two years and I still think it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It has changed a lot since these photos were taken, much more built up obviously, but still it is the same.

The last time I was there was 2014. Here are a few photos.

And a couple more postcards…

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