Vaasa, Finland

October 1995

I made it to Vaasa and it’s beautiful. We are right on the sea which is nice although I miss the mountains a bit! There are 2 other American women here – we work together and have also become good friends which has been wonderful. Lots of salmon, saunas and biking – doing the Finnish thing! To Sweden next week on the ferry for an overnight. I tried to call you but screwed up. What are your Christmas plans? Keep in touch – hope all is well.

Love, Liz

Vaasa, Finland

Vaasa Church

April, 1996


We have been having a great time here with Liz. They still have lots of snow but it has been beautiful weather. Went to see Braveheart tonight – it was great!


Here is a photo I took of the neighborhood where we stayed.

And a few others around town.

Helsinki, Finland

September, 1996

This is the Lutheran Cathedral in Helsinki. It is very stark inside – all white. The prettiest thing about it is the organ. The statue is of Alexander 2 of Russia.

Liz was just here for a couple of days so we had a good time sitting in cafes and wandering around.


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