Kennedy Space Center, FL

Apollo 4, first space vehicle in NASA’s Apllo/Saturn V Program. Enroute for erection at Pad A of Complex 39. NASA’s, VAB in background.

Overall Aerial View of Missile Row looking North. Launch site of American Astronauts.

These postcards look fairly old but no idea what date.

Orlando, Florida

Cinderella Castle

Saw Tinkerbell light the fireworks from the top of Cinderella’s Castle. Did a lot of walking and went on all the rides – well most of them. Beautiful warm sunny weather every day!

Love, Tim

Walt Disney World – Cinderella Castle. Visible for miles around , this Magic Kingdom landmark’s spires reach 18 stories into the sky to point the way to Fantasyland.

Giant Banyan Tree

Giant Banyan Tree in Tropical Florida

The banyan is one of Florida’s most curious trees, which sprouts even from a seed dropped on the limb of any other tree by birds. The roots descend to the soil and in time kill the tree on which they grow. Then as the branches develop, these throw down supports which take root as soon as they touch the ground, enlarge into trunks and extend branches in their turn to all sides of the parent tree. Some of these trees grow to very large proportions.

Tarpon Springs, Florida

February 1994

Dear K and N

Katherine’s place in Palm Harbor (just off Tampa Rd) is very nice. We had a delightful lunch with her today in Dunedin at the renovated Bayview Hotel and Country Club. Tomorrow we will drive to Hernando and visit Hetty Lee.

It’s nice to be away from the snow for a few days. We plan to eat at Papas.

Love, B & V

Orlando, Florida

March, 1988


This door is a gorgeous small part of a beautiful carillon tower set in lovely gardens near here. We herd a concert done by the bells as we sat in the garden – peace and quiet. It was great – after crowded EPCOT yesterday. Today we also had a delicious luncheon in a “Chalet Suzanne” where we had had a similar feast 40 years ago!

Love, Va

Bok Tower brass entrance door. Tells the story of Genesis with repoussee panels. Designed and executed by master metal worker Samuel Yellin in 1929.

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