France, Eclipse 1999

August, 1999 We decided Metz would be a good place to view the total eclipse of the sun in 1999. We rented a car in Paris and drove to Metz stopping on our way to see the cathedral in Reims with its stained glass windows designed by Chagall.  Once in Metz, we scoped out theContinue reading “France, Eclipse 1999”

Le Mont Saint Michel, France

July 1992 Dear A cloudy “threatening” day and the light is wonderful. We like better than sunshine. Maybe our best day yet but everything has been Great. We are in a story book village – our Apt built 16th century with modern plumbing. Girls are good travelers. Malia’s advance in French is visible! Both areContinue reading “Le Mont Saint Michel, France”

Notre Dame, Paris

Den Haag, January, 1983 Isn’t this a good photo? So much nice detail. Our guests left yesterday and we have been sleeping mostly since. I think they had a good time and got a bit “educated”. We hope you had a good trip to California and that you are back with a new lease onContinue reading “Notre Dame, Paris”

Saint-Raphael, France

June, 1973 You can imagine the beautiful view our room has. It is delightful weather – the Mediterranean is so blue today. Walked across the road and down to the beach this morning – we all got a little sunburned, I’m afraid. Have been resting and washing our clothes this afternoon. We looked through someContinue reading “Saint-Raphael, France”