Memories of Hawaii

March 1990


We hovered over this in an helicopter in 1986 and it’s still going! We are not going this year – but that’s about the only thing that has not changed. Some changes breaking the heart. Sigred and I are “up Kula” – very like our old home – chilly. No newspapers – no TV – so just hope the rest of the world is ok.

Aloha, Katherine

Lava rom Kilauea Volcano meets the sea at Kupaahu, not far from Kalapana Black Sand Beach, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Maui, Hawaii

Kihel, Island of Maui

This is a beautiful place – easy to see why people come here! We’re on this beach – you can see the edge of our condo top right and our view is also a full ocean view off to the left of the picture. We spent one afternoon on a whale watching boat – they are here from the Alaskan waters before returning.

Gene and Betty


Stalks of Red Ginger glisten under Hawaii’s tropical sun

March 1995

Greetings from Maui

It was good to hear from you and we so appreciate the valet service! Of course the sun is shining and we walk the beach everyday, swim, sightsee, eat and read. A high point was finding Lindberg’s grave yesterday. We miss you – and are holding good thoughts for March 11.

Love, Bruce and June

Honolulu, Hawaii

December 2000


We spent a week on the Big Island with siblings and other friends. Always nice to be here. We are leaving now for Honolulu to spend another week. It was so nice to see you in May. All of the children will come to McAllen for Xmas, but there will be only 1 night with everyone.


This beautiful waterfall took its name from many rainbows seen when the sun catches the mist below the falls. It is located in the Wailuku River State Park Hilo.

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