August 1988

Another beautiful day in Bogor! (Indonesia) I finally got to the PTA library and replenished my reading material. Next I will find the dressmaker, also within walking distance, and have a couple of batik shirts made. Of course, I expect to look at cloth in Medan tomorrow!! We are having fried rice for lunch – our cook makes the best in the world. Let me know more about your dress – I will expect to pay for it, you know. I should find a hairdresser soon, but I like it longer, I find. And no one dresses up in the least here!

Love, Va

Jakarta, Indonesia

July 1987

My hotel is very nice but we will be here only a few more days before moving to a guest house in Bogor. All is going well and I have now more or less adjusted to the new time zone.

The weather is hot – 90’s and humid but that is normal. Traffic here is terrific but I don’t have to drive in it. Our work is on from early morning to late at night but not too late.

Love, Bill

Bogor, Indonesia

August, 1976

Sorry for not writing earlier. We’ve been busy visiting relatives and friends. We’ve just arrived in Malang, and enjoy our time with BT’s father. The country’s preparing for the 31st Independence Day this morning.

We all miss IITA very much. Especially Sandra, is all the time longing for “home”. She really is feeling very home sick, she said.

Love to you all, Jeanette

The main figures of Ramayana Dance.


Jakarta – August, 1988


We hope you are having a nice birthday! We are weekending in Jakarta in a lovely hotel, have been shopping in a wonderful dept. store – more than a whole floor of batiks. I could spend a week just looking! The guesthouse is full of Australians at the moment – interesting all and I’m not alone all day as I was at first. But I manage to keep busy.

Love and Kisses

The Balinese Barong is a mythological symbol of the forces of good in the universe.

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