Florence, Italy

Sept 1968

This is just across the street from the Palacio de la Signoria and the Ufizzi Gallery, the palace where Medici family lived for some time. As I remembered, Florence is really as beautiful as ever. On your next trip to Europe you really should plan to come, it is really lovely. We will leave for Rome on Wednesday, how wonderful.

Saludos, Alicia

Genoa, Italy

San Rafael, France
June 1973

We are here in a nice hotel right on a truly beautiful beach. We spent from 8:30 am till about 3 pm on the train from Genoa – thru Monte Carlo – along the mediterranean. very impressive. We’ll be here 2 days so can rest and enjoy the beach and beauty. All ok.

Love, Dede

Here I am at the beach getting sunburned.

Rome, Italy

Fountain of Square of Spanish Trinity of Mount


We arrive Saturday night in Rome after a lovely drive through the south of France. Rome is incredible beautiful and we are very happy with Eduardo’s family and my sister. I hope everything is all right in Mexico. How was Tom’s graduation? Give my regards to Bill when he comes back. My sister is very busy with her exams but I hope she will be finished on Friday.

Love, Stella

Venice, Italy

Rio and Greeks’ bridge

June 1968

After some delay getting visas for Hungary in Rome, we came to this beautiful Venice – crowded with German tourists. Will take the train for Budapest tomorrow morning; Sheila will come along for four or five days and then fly back to Mexico via London. Hope your African safari went all well!

Best Regards, Stella

Florence, Italy

Panorama from Boboli’s garden

Wisconsin August, 1984


Recognize this picture? I had a good trip over and am waking up at 3 or 4 am as usual. Jean and I will go to Madison tomorrow – then I’ll go into Hosp. Sun. pm. It’s colder than I expected. How about the Twins?? 🙂

Bill should be enjoying Szarvas (Hungary) this weekend.

Love, Va.

Rome, Italy

The Pantheon

August, 1972

Dear Friends

It is hard to believe I’m in Italy – we flew over to be with Gay on her 2 weeks vacation after working at the US Embassy for a month – Rome is a fabulous city with its ruins, museums, parks, fountains, pines, etc. We drove to Florence yesterday and it is a most interesting historical city also. We are going to Venice before flying back to Washington together.

Best wishes

Milan, Italy

August 2000

We really enjoyed this museum today. We thought this plane might look familiar, ye? It is hot and humid here.


Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica “Leonardo da Vinci”, Milano. Railway Department. North American T-6G Texas – 1948 2-seat Monoplane.

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