Kyoto, Japan


Well lo and behold little ol’ me is watching little ‘ol Rachel packing (cramming) her goodies into her bag… today she departs (on her own) to Hiroshima and Kyushu! Yes, our little Rhonda has become a world traveler! Four months should show us a new gal. I return to the States (via China) in May. Of course, I’ll be at Beth’s wedding – see you there. — Love, Sarah

Hey, I’m taking a trip around the world (heading west) Sarah has shown me the hot spots of Kyoto and I’m now on my way to Hiroshima. From there to Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Europe and finally NY August 1st. I know Beth’s planning a wedding but I don’t know any details. I do hope to see you tho asap. Love, Rachel.

Enjoying a Cool at the Ryogoku-bashi Bridge by Utamaro Kitagawa (1753-1806), Ukiyoe A Series of Six Pictures


The Buddha of Kamakura


We have been in Nara for a week in a stunning Japanese style room. Asian Education Conference. Am deep in the writings of the Buddha.

The Buddha of Kamakura – built in 1252, is the largest Buddha next to the Buddha in Nara. IT is well known as a “handsome” Buddha.

Kyoto, Japan

A thousand and one images of Buddha at Sanjusangendo Hall, Kyoto. (Actually this is the temple of RengeĊ-in. This main hall dates back to 1266 and these figures are standing Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy (Avalokiteshvara).)


You should come to visit Japan as holiday with your wife. My family can speak English. You are welcome.

Best wishes, Yoshi




We are knee deep in pink and white cherry blossoms speeding on to Kyoto to see the last of them as well as the countryside – Erik and Kilena have an enormous modern apt., an all white kitchen I would kill for. Have done lots of sightseeing – no end to Tokyo so no rest for the weary but we are having a marvelous time. Weather is sunny in 70’s perfect. We both send love,


The world fastest “bullet train” on the New Tokaido Line Shizuoka.

Tokyo, Japan

Toshogu Shrine, Nikko

September 1978


Enroute Tokyo. I just lost a day in crossing the Intl. Date Line. Maybe someday I can make it up. I doubt that I will get to Nikko to see this shrine on the trip but we have a picture of you there. Hope you got your auto insurance ok.

Love, Bill

As you can see we made several trips to Japan…

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