Nairobi, Kenya

November 1975


Greetings! it has been a lovely sunny weekend here. I didn’t see any animals. I just rested, read and walked around. Today I’m going to Tanzania for a week. I hope all is well with you and wish you were here.

Love, Bill

East African Game

Mount Kenya Safai Club

New Stanley Hotel, Nairobi




I’m back in Kenya en-route Lagos after a week in Tanzania. Managed to see lots of elephants and other wild animals while still getting my work done.

Love, Bill

The Elephant – A large bull may weigh 3-5 tons and the ivory tusks, which are enlarged incisors, may weigh 200 lbs.

Nyeri, Kenya

Treetops, Nyeri, Kenya

June, 1968

Had a nice time at Treetops – saw lots of wild game. It is beautiful here (Mt Kenya)- and chilly. Have a fireplace in my room which I use. Meetings going well but saddened by death of R. Kennedy. (McGeorge) Bundy leaving tonight for funeral.


Here I am hiking in to Treetops in December, 1974. Lots of crazy baboons on the roof.

On another note, this week I am being featured on Cinda’s A Place in the World Blog. Check it out !!

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