Not quite exact, but appropriate! The Vikings won they first play-of game and this week thanks to Pillsbury who bought out the last tickets we can all watch on TV again. Glad to hear K and bags arrived in Nairobi – hope the safari was great – we are all envious!


Memorial Stadium. At the University of Minnesota where the Gopher football teams renew each year football relations with the best teams of the country. The Golden Gophers square off on this gridiron before capacity groups of 60,000 fans, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Nairobi, Kenya

November 1975


Greetings! it has been a lovely sunny weekend here. I didn’t see any animals. I just rested, read and walked around. Today I’m going to Tanzania for a week. I hope all is well with you and wish you were here.

Love, Bill

East African Game

Mount Kenya Safai Club

New Stanley Hotel, Nairobi




I’m back in Kenya en-route Lagos after a week in Tanzania. Managed to see lots of elephants and other wild animals while still getting my work done.

Love, Bill

The Elephant – A large bull may weigh 3-5 tons and the ivory tusks, which are enlarged incisors, may weigh 200 lbs.

Nyeri, Kenya

Treetops, Nyeri, Kenya

June, 1968

Had a nice time at Treetops – saw lots of wild game. It is beautiful here (Mt Kenya)- and chilly. Have a fireplace in my room which I use. Meetings going well but saddened by death of R. Kennedy. (McGeorge) Bundy leaving tonight for funeral.


Here I am hiking in to Treetops in December, 1974. Lots of crazy baboons on the roof.

On another note, this week I am being featured on Cinda’s A Place in the World Blog. Check it out !!

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