London, UK

May 1989

We finally made it to London-town. Had forgotten how exciting it is here. Erik is working here for 3 mo. so we are having a great reunion. Weather is gorgeous, sunny, 70’s. Seems as if we never left Europe – I love it. Won’t have time to go to the Hague but Erik and Kilena will go.

Love, Gunta

London, UK

June 1968

I have had a nice day here. Saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and all the sites you have studied. Tim and Tom sent you greetings – I hope you are ready for exams.

Love, Bill

Brown’s Hotel, Albemarle Street, in London’s Mayfair, opened in 1837, the year Victoria came to the the throne. It has become world famous for its traditional English atmosphere and impeccable standard of personal service.


This superb building is that in which Parliament is housed. On the right, the Victoria Tower, and on the left, Big Ben.

August 1956

Hi you lucky people. Having a wonderful time. Happy to get all the letters which were here on our arrival. London is sunny and warm. Shows, TV, etc. are very good. All these tall buildings are too much for local yokels like me. Will sail the night of the 23rd, can hardly wait – we need the rest. Will write more later.

Love and stuff, the Hewitts

London, England

St Paul’s Cathedral, London


I hope you are enjoying our vacation!

We took Enrique to school a few days ago. My heart kind of shrunk a bit. On Monday we leave for Italy after leaving Flavia and Lupe at their new school.

My regards to all the family “saludos carinosos” for you,


London, England

Nelson’s Column at Trafalgar Square


Arrived OK – 2 hrs late but went straight to my room, a shower, and a nap. Slept about 2 hours on the flight plus 2 hours here so I am in good shape. Just had lunch – watercress soup and a sandwich and a walk. Will leave the hotel about 5:30 for the bus to Heathrow. Service on Northwest was very good.

See you, Love, Bill

London UK

Big Ben and Parliament Square


We just saw “The Wind and the Lion” – great – with lots of violence!! Also did a once-over of the British Museum. Our trip was not the best – late to Chicago because of traffic in air at O’Hare, very rough crossing in a packed plane, stood in lines everywhere waiting. But our bags came today!! and we have a nice hotel and have had nice food! This you were here with us.

Love to you, Mom

See? Travel wasn’t great 50 years ago either!!

London, England

June 1973

Dear Mom,

Had an interesting trip over–took train to Boulogne, then hovercraft across the Channel and train to London. Va and Bill saw us off at the train station. We had such a good time with them it was hard to leave!! They went off to Spain and Portugal yesterday and will be in NY around the 24th for a few days. Va will call you and me!! We are tired so haven’t done much. Slept late this morn. Then took a bus trip on one of the busses all around London. Have rested this aft. and am trying to plan our week here. Or hotel is very near Piccadilly Circus and is big — but no bathrooms!! Linda Young is here meeting her daughter who was in Africa. Talked to her last night and hope we see can have dinner with them sometime. Small world!

Love, Jean

Piccadilly Circus, London. There’s an old saying that if you stand in Piccadilly Circus for long enough, you’ll see the whole world pass before you. If you stand there for 10 minutes you’ll soon understand what it is that makes London famous throughout the world. At night, theatre-land awakes, heralded by many thousands of bright lights.

London, England

Summer, 1978


How is life? I meant to write to you earlier but have been so busy looking after my brood with no nanny and steward!! I have almost finished shopping. We are arriving on the 18th Sept by lunch time. My husband has gone back. This summer he was coming going all the time! Next year I will not allow holidays with business!

Remember me to all, Manju

This close-up view of the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, in St James’s Park, captures a moment in the daily ceremony of the Changing of the Queen’s Guard. It is a colourful occasion much loved by Londoners and visitors alike.

London, England

Aerial View of Tower Bridge and the City of LONDON

September 1975


We got here ok – everyone seems to be visiting London – plane was full, London airport jammed mostly with Americans. We are in a very nice hotel, are pretty much caught up on sleep. Going to the British museum today, just will take it easy, off to Rome at noon tomorrow.


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