Monterrey, Mexico

Gran Hotel Ancira. Overlooking the mountains with 250 rooms. A dignified atmosphere of Old World Charm blends with informal luxury.

I stayed in that hotel when I was about nine years old. There was a reception in the lobby and my father was there on business so he was attending the reception. For some reason I was wandering around the lobby and thought I saw my father so I went up and grabbed his hand, very happy to see him. I looked up and it wasn’t him. I wanted to crawl under the floor. It was a panic moment. But I soon found him and all was well.

Taxco, Mexico

Postcards from the 1960’s

Cathedral of Santa Prisca. Built in the XVIII Century, this church is a fine example of Churrigeresco art.

Jose Benito de Churriguera was born in Madrid and designed the facade of the cathedral at Granada in 1667. Churrigueresco style is an elaborate sculptural decoration in stucco found above the main entrance on the facade of the building.

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