Twin Cities, Minnesota

Streetcar No. 265, on the left, is a restored 1915 Twin City-built, Duluth Street Railway operated car. Streetcar No. 1300 on the right, is a restored 1908 Twin City-built and operated car. Both cars are run on a summer schedule in South Minneapolis by volunteer members of the Minnesota Transportation Museum. Photo by Loren Martin.

Saint Paul, Minnesota


This photo of St Paul shows the West Publishing Co., where Tim works – the brown bldg on the river in the righthand lower side of the picture. It is quite large (I put an X on it). Allison is just beginning to talk on the phone, so she calls me up and we have good conversations. She is taught German everyday in Kindergarten yet! Allie and Val are having a halloween party Sat 4 to 6. I’m invited! Tom runs a marathon in Iowa City on Sun.

Love to you, Dede



How is camp going? I hope you are having fun swimming, playing sports, and riding horses. It was good seeing you for the Fourth of July! I had a lot of fun at the arcade with you. We will have to do that again. Have you got anyone else with the Whoopi-coushion? Did you bring it to camp with you? I look forward to hearing all your storiesl

Love, Kelly


Feb. 1995

Thank you for your cards! by the time you get this you will be home – hope you had a good trip. We have been here 1 week – had some nice days and then cool and rainy – but warmer than Minnesota. Will see Helgesons tomorrow and Browns next week. Went to a Minnesota picnic on Sunday.

Love, Gene and Betty

Top left: Apache Lake; Top Right: Canyon Lake; Bottom Left: Square Lake Vista; Bottom right: Roosevelt Lake


November 1988

Greetings – and many thinks for your visit! We loved seeing you and catching up our news. Will call later on regarding our St Paul Visit.

Love, Bruce

Minnesota is our 32nd state (1858). Capitol St Paul. Name derived from the Sioux Indians, meaning sky-tinted water. Its 10,000 lakes are said to have been made by Paul Bunyan’s blue ox, Babe. Longfellow’s famous poem The Song of Hiawatha, tells of the Minnesota waterfalls that “flashed and gleamed” and rivers that rushed through “palisades of pine trees”.



Not quite exact, but appropriate! The Vikings won they first play-of game and this week thanks to Pillsbury who bought out the last tickets we can all watch on TV again. Glad to hear K and bags arrived in Nairobi – hope the safari was great – we are all envious!


Memorial Stadium. At the University of Minnesota where the Gopher football teams renew each year football relations with the best teams of the country. The Golden Gophers square off on this gridiron before capacity groups of 60,000 fans, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ely, Minnesota

Sep 1978

Had to come back to Ely this morning to buy more food… A bear raided our campsite last night, broke open our cooler and ate half the food. :-(. Gave us a bit of a fright – sniffing around the tent but he really wasn’t interested in us. Pulling out soon.

See you, Love, Tom

Minnesota, USA

July 2002

We drove through this tunnel on the North Shore twice and didn’t get scared but Karolyn was afraid to go down the Alpine Slide at Lutsen!

Love, Tim

Silver Creek Cliff Tunnel, Lake Superior’s North Shore. Silver Creek Cliff Tunnel is located three miles north of Two Harbors, Minnesota. The 1340 foot-long mined tunnel is the second of its kind located on Minn. Hwy. 61. Approximately 500,000 cubic yards of rock were excavated and removed from the project allowing for finished tunnel dimension of 48 feet wide by 32 feet high.

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