Grand Marais, Minnesota

Summer, 2003 Naniboujou is a very colorful place full of readers and puzzle solvers. No internet and only a bit of cell reception down by the lake, so it’s not for everyone. But it is lovely, peaceful and very quiet! Love, Tim The Great Hall at Naniboujou Lodge and Restaurant is decorated in designs ofContinue reading “Grand Marais, Minnesota”

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota

This channel connects the upper and lower lakes of Minnetonka. Lake Minnetonka located about 15 miles west of Minneapolis has over 300 miles of shore-line. It is noted for its scenic beauty, fishing, sailing and a summer playground. A large amusement part is on the water’s edge at Excelsior, Minnesota. Apparently the amusement park wasContinue reading “Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota”

Minneapolis, Minnesota

October, 1981 Dear This is a picture of the place in downtown Minneapolis where everyone meets. Often there is an orchestra or bank concert – sometimes even the Minn. Symphony. It is always warm and cheery – even in midwinter! I have just walked around the lake (2 hrs) and now must get supper forContinue reading “Minneapolis, Minnesota”