Taylors Falls, Minnesota

July 1973

When we were on the boat unfortunately could not see this view since we were sitting on other side of the boat. But enjoyed our cruise anyway – down here for the day to picnic and relax. Now the sun is sinking and the river is very peaceful – not too many people here today. Probably impossible on the weekend.

Love, Tim

The “Old Man of the Dalles” and upper landing of the Dalles of St. Croix. Taylors Falls, Minn.

Canadian Rockies

Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton

The Banff Springs Hotel and the Bow Valley – The Banff Springs Hotel has one of he most spectacular settings in the world, surrounded by mountains and overlooking the Bow River and its own world class golf course. In the view Tunnel Mountain is on the left, Mt Rundle on the right, and the Fairholme Range in the distance.

Mt Rundle is the town of Banff’s most distinctive mountain. this view is from Mt Norquay, a famous ski mountain on the opposite side of the Bow valley.

Lake Louise is famous for the turquoise waters, the shining glacier-clad peak of Mt Victoria, and the world-class hotel which graces its shores and bears its name.

Athabasca Glacier – Athabasca Glacier is one of many glaciers which flow from the Columbia Icefield, the hydrographic apex of North America. Because of its proximity to the Icefield Parkway, Athabasca Glacier is much admired, photographed and travelled on.


Wukoki Ruin

August 1988

Happy Birthday!

Hope you had a great time in Boston. I’m have a lot of sun out west. See you soon.

Love, Jane

Wupatki National Monument. From Wukoki ruin one has a spectacular view of the San Francisco peaks.

Giant Banyan Tree

Giant Banyan Tree in Tropical Florida

The banyan is one of Florida’s most curious trees, which sprouts even from a seed dropped on the limb of any other tree by birds. The roots descend to the soil and in time kill the tree on which they grow. Then as the branches develop, these throw down supports which take root as soon as they touch the ground, enlarge into trunks and extend branches in their turn to all sides of the parent tree. Some of these trees grow to very large proportions.

Weekend Minnesota

Shakopee, Minnesota

We stumbled upon the Upgrala Unit of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge which stretches along the Minnesota River for 70 miles from Bloomington to Henderson. It is pretty cool, we will have to go back.

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