Den Haag, Netherlands October, 1982 Hi We made it OK – I am awfully tired, but must begin adjusting soon. Maybe I’ll get caught up with my correspondence. Don’t forget your typewriter in our apt. Alex met us – they are going to Germany and Italy for this week. He was having back trouble. TheyContinue reading “Irises”

Amsterdam, Netherlands

February 1984 Hi Thanks for the mail and the clippings about Brugges. We are having rain, rain, rain – about 40 degrees most of the time… We are having people over for coffee and wine this eve. A friend and I plowed around Centrum and Babylon yesterday looking for bargains or whatever. A good wayContinue reading “Amsterdam, Netherlands”

The Hague, Netherlands

September 1985 Hi Packing yesterday was awful – I have never been in such disarray. But we went out for a lovely relaxed dinner last eve and recovered our stamina a bit. Now, I’m going to just sleep and wander around at will. Sun is out today so I may make one last visit toContinue reading “The Hague, Netherlands”

The Hague, Holland

August, 1981 This is a picture of the Queen’s refurbished castle in the Hague (Paleis Huis ten Bosch). She and family are moving in today so flags are flying, there is music and dancing all over the city. A “tub race” is going on in the park near my apartment. I’m going to walk overContinue reading “The Hague, Holland”