Den Haag, Holland

May 1985

Dear Jean

K. got back ok after a wonderful time in Seville, Cordova and Granada… We are finally having some warm weather – the beach was packed yesterday, even in the cold, dirty sea! It was a holiday – but lots of tourists are around now… Be sure to bring your raincoat or jacket. We are going over to East Holland to the castle area for a couple of days. Bill has rented a BMW to see if we like it!

Love, Va

Valkenburg, Netherlands

July 1984

We stayed in a real castle last nite, moat, armor, waterfall, cows, park, creaky floors, lovely carpets – delicious food and all!

It is finally HOT. This is a tourist area – but clean and nice. Val and I are having coffee and 7Up in a sidewalk cafe while rest are touring the grotto.

Love, Va.

The Hague, Netherlands

Madurodam, Miniature town



Your new blinds, etc. sound very nice. Hope all are installed and please you by now. We are both anxious to see everything! We saw “Passage to India” on Sun. Very good, but a bit strange in spots. We enjoyed it.. . I spent today downtown, mostly “looking”. Jammed with shoppers – but some schools started today so crowds will thin out a bit I hope. Madurodam is still packed. (Do you recognize the card??)

Love, Va

Apeldoorn, Netherlands

The Het Loo Palace was originally built between 1684 and 1686 for Queen Mary II of England and her husband King William III (of Orange, her cousin). William IV, Prince of Orange, inherited the palace and it stayed in the family for a long time. In 1984 the palace became a state museum open to the public. I visited soon after it opened.

Room of King Willem II and Queen Anna Paulowna.

The Stables

Closet of Queen Mary Stuart (1663-1695)

That is what it says… not sure what it means.

The Netherlands

Holland in flower decoration

May 1985


We went to Kukenhof yesterday – cold and damp but flowers were beautiful (just like picture). K went with us to the Kroller Muller museum and a castle for lunch on Sunday. She and Alicia went to Spain yesterday. Pitkins are at Madurodam this AM – We’ll do a museum this aft. They’ll go to Amsterdam tomorrow and England on Friday. Got your good letter yesterday, also book and letter from Steve.

Love, Va

Floriade, Amsterdam

May 1982


Just got home from the Floriade and A lovely 5 course luncheon with the Board – 51 of us. We drove in a big bus thru the beautiful tulip fields – a lovely sunny day, not too chilly. The cocktail last night was ok – Marilynn’s spinach dip was a real hit! Mary H. Sends her love to you. Hope all is okay in Pl–

Love, Va

Floriade – International Horticultural Exhibition

Den Haag, Holland

Peace Palace

July 1986

Yesterday we took a tour of the Peace Palace. M wants me to come here and study International Law so we can live here for a year or two. The weather has been a bit chilly but it was warm and sunny today for our trip to Delft, where we had “pannekocken” for lunch and took a canal trip. So far all is going well – Allie and Val spend lots of time playing pretty ponies but are learning to look for trams and bicycles!


Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675)

View of Delft

June 1981


We tried to call you Sun. to see how your party went. We had Mikey and Alicia, Alex and Rosie here for wild rice and strawberries last night. It was a wine-y, late eve. Mikey returns to Mexico today. We four drove up north to Friesland – learned much about dikes, dunes and poulders. Fantastic what these people have done! It is very chilly, tho sunny and very windy as usual. Alex and Rosie leave for a camping holiday in Spain during July. I’m finally washing the curtains. Have a nice trip to Cal.

Love and kisses, Va.

The Hague, Netherlands

Station Holland Spoor

April, 1985


Good to talk to you Sunday. Hope you are having a relaxing week off. We are finally a bit warmer altho with a terrible wind and I see that Budapest is also warm. I got a Burberry navy raincoat – it will have to last the rest of my life. As usual, I’m not sure about it. Must get busy for the party tonight. Hope you have a nice time with family.



Vincent Van Gogh

Den Haag, Netherlands

October, 1982


We made it OK – I am awfully tired, but must begin adjusting soon. Maybe I’ll get caught up with my correspondence. Don’t forget your typewriter in our apt.

Alex met us – they are going to Germany and Italy for this week. He was having back trouble. They needed to gt away!!

I’m missing you.


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