The Cheese Shop

July 1981

It was so nice to visit with you last night. We are grocery shopping and resting today. A friend of mine came in for tea this aft. We watch TV in the eve. (what there is in English). We watched “Little Women” tonight. It was good. I hope you have seen it. We’re having two in for dinner tomorrow eve.

Love to you, Dede

Alida Hoeve, Volendam, Netherlands

The Hague, Netherlands

July 1981

It is a nice sunny morning (at 7 AM!). Hope it stays nice. We will go downtown at noon today – Jean and Tom haven’t walked around there yet. It is so nice to have them here – we have visited a lot – played a lot of “spite and malice”. I will be lonesome when they leave.

Love, Dede

The Palace of Justice, The Hague

Queen’s Day, Netherlands

July 1981

I am meeting Bill in town for supper tonite. The stores are open on Thursday evenings and there is an interesting open street market this day also. We’ll just look around . It is a lovely sunny day, tho cool! It is lonesome without Jean and Tom here! This picture is of Queen Beatrix and Crown Prince.

Love, Dede

Piet Mondrian

June 1985

We went yesterday to Het Loo and found there is a very good slide show about the place. Rainy and very chilly but I enjoyed it very much – saw more than first time, of course. It will be even better next month!! We’ll go to the museum here today – and maybe to an exhibit of old Dutch and Flemish paintings on loan to Rotterdam (from the Hermitage yet!) tomorrow. Jeanette had such with us here on Wed.

Love, Va

Den Haag, Holland

May 1985

Dear Jean

K. got back ok after a wonderful time in Seville, Cordova and Granada… We are finally having some warm weather – the beach was packed yesterday, even in the cold, dirty sea! It was a holiday – but lots of tourists are around now… Be sure to bring your raincoat or jacket. We are going over to East Holland to the castle area for a couple of days. Bill has rented a BMW to see if we like it!

Love, Va

Valkenburg, Netherlands

July 1984

We stayed in a real castle last nite, moat, armor, waterfall, cows, park, creaky floors, lovely carpets – delicious food and all!

It is finally HOT. This is a tourist area – but clean and nice. Val and I are having coffee and 7Up in a sidewalk cafe while rest are touring the grotto.

Love, Va.

The Hague, Netherlands

Madurodam, Miniature town



Your new blinds, etc. sound very nice. Hope all are installed and please you by now. We are both anxious to see everything! We saw “Passage to India” on Sun. Very good, but a bit strange in spots. We enjoyed it.. . I spent today downtown, mostly “looking”. Jammed with shoppers – but some schools started today so crowds will thin out a bit I hope. Madurodam is still packed. (Do you recognize the card??)

Love, Va

Apeldoorn, Netherlands

The Het Loo Palace was originally built between 1684 and 1686 for Queen Mary II of England and her husband King William III (of Orange, her cousin). William IV, Prince of Orange, inherited the palace and it stayed in the family for a long time. In 1984 the palace became a state museum open to the public. I visited soon after it opened.

Room of King Willem II and Queen Anna Paulowna.

The Stables

Closet of Queen Mary Stuart (1663-1695)

That is what it says… not sure what it means.

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