Waipukurau, New Zealand

February 1978

Had a good trip down though was a lot longer than I’d thought. The weather is beautiful totally contradicting everything I’ve said about the bad N.Z. climate. Fine 80 degrees each day.

Am staying with my sister and her family on their sheep farm at the moment so have been out working in the yards helping keep these dumb animals heading in the right direction. Managing also to get in some tennis and swimming. Hope school is going ok. Come visit us soon.

Love, Jen

Pania of the Reef – One of the numerous legends of the New Zealand Maori, this rather sad love story concerns a reef in Hawke Bay just off the coast of Napier. The story is perpetuated in the form of a bronze statue which stands in the gardens of Napier’s Marine Parade.

Waipukurau, New Zealand


G’day from Down Under. Have been busy catching up with all the family. Have been playing some lawn bowls. Off to the beach tomorrow.

See you soon, Love, Jenny

Legends of the Maori. The Maori, who had no written language, was an accomplished story teller and this romantic legends are many and varied. The story of Hinemos and Tutanekai, one of the better known legends, is told here but briefly.

Waipukurau, New Zealand

January 1978

I had a good trip though it’s a long way down. Looked for you in L.A. Bill but guess you may have changed your plans.

Thelma, Marg, Stuart and her family are all well and it’s great to be part of the family again. Marg and fam have had a place at the beach this past week so have visited them and enjoyed the sun, sand and H2O. Weather’s been great.

Next week we’ll be at the farm with Marg – this could be Stuart on the card though he’d point out that he doesn’t have any Tussock Grass. Ypuk’s still the same and I’m really enjoying seeing everyone again though most people I was at school with have moved. Will visit all our relatives.

Love, Jen

Mendip Hills Station, Canterbury, New Zealand

New Zealand

Dec 1988

Had a wonderful drive down from Aukland. Stayed two days in Rotorua overlooking this geyser and mud pool. then drove a day through the mountains and forest of native bush. Stayed one night in Wairoa with Jen’s cousins. Spent time at farm with Marg, Stuart, Rebecca and Andrew (home for 1 month holiday from Sydney). Hope you have recovered from all the social events of the season. See you soon.

Love, Tom

Waipukurau, New Zealand

February 1982

Hi – This is a gorgeous island – nice climate, friendly. I’m having a great time. Plane from Singapore was 8 hrs. late, full but comfortable. Stayed overnight in Aukland, then Fokker Friendship flight to Napier that was beautiful. Last night we had 14 here for Jenny’s Bday party – lots of fun and food. Bron and Kelly have grown and are lots of fun, Tom is remodeling the bathrooms, Jenny is adjusting! I’m so glad that I came. Thelma and I are very compatible. We drink tea and eat biscuits all the time.

Love, Va

New Zealand

January 1982

Was good to hear your sweet voice the other day. Is still rather hot here so we have to go to the beach a lot to cool off. Hope you are well and happy and keeping the 2 weird cats entertained. Talked to Va. after we called you and she is coming on Feb 3, for 3 or 4 days. We haven’t been doing too much here except help out a little on the farm and relax. The beer is good.

Till Later, Love Tom, Jen, Bron & Kelly

Heretaunga Plains from Te Mata Peak. This view from Te Mata Peak looks westward across the fertile Here tang Plains in which lies the “village” of Havelock North and the city of Hastings toward the snow-capped Kaweka Range. In the foreground is Peak House, a popular restaurant.

The British Museum

July 2007

Thanks for a great time! got your info on work/study abroad. Who knows? Stay happy, well and in touch!

Love, Beth

Maori door lintel, pare. From a small house of the 1800-1820 period, carved in Poverty Bay Rongowhakaata style, New Zealand. presented by Sir George Grey. Width 98 cm. Ethno. 1854.12-29.89

Napier, New Zealand

Marine Parade, Napier, New Zealand

February, 1982


I arrived this am (1 day late) — family met me in Napier, we had a lunch – picnic in a park on the harbor and drove to Waipukurau (I can spell it but not pronounce it!) – Tuesday: We are going to the beach today – Marg. has not had her baby yet – we’ll go to her farm today also. The climate is lovely, country beautiful – think I’ll move down to retire here!

Love, Va

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