Lahore, Pakistan

Data Darbar, tomb of Makhdum Ali Hajveri, the patron saint of Lahore



Our memories were right. December in Pakistan is glorious – cool and sunny.The people, all of them so friendly. An excellent flight and not too tiring- all planes on time – good welcome old friends and now a nice modern hotel in Lahore off for Islamabad tomorrow and then back here. Our best to all,


Lahore, Pakistan

The Royal Mosque of Aurangzeb reputed to be the largest in the world built in 1673 AD

January, 1970

Yesterday we drove the Khyber Pass to the Afghanistan border. It was a real thrill! This was the route Marco Polo took, in fact, all trade and armies from Europe to Asia. It is still much the same. This part of the world is fabulous!


Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi Municipal Building

January 1970

Remember the 3-wheelers in Rangoon? These are highly decorated ones. We came up to Islamabad today, the all new city which is now capitol of Pakistan. It is a very beautiful area – not far from the Khyber pass into Afghanistan. We got lots of mail that had been forwarded to us the other day. Hope to get a letter from you before we leave here. Karachi was fun.


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