Republique du Tchad

November 1973 Dear Arrived here ok and it is hotter than I expected – 95 degrees yesterday when we landed but dry heat. The persons to whom Susan had written are anxious to see us and we already have lots of meetings line up. However offices are only open from 7 – 1 pm. soContinue reading “Republique du Tchad”

Malaga, Spain

1973 Dear K Didn’t have a chance to go skiing, as everything was shut up until the season opens on the 12th so no broken legs or anything. Really enjoying the sun in Malaga. Right now sitting in a sidewall cafe drinking a “cerveza”. Move on to Madrid tonight etc. Hope we didn’t put youContinue reading “Malaga, Spain”

Salzburg, Austria

June 1974 Dear Mom This is a lovely city – we toured and walked yesterday in the lovely spring sun. Kathy and I are trying all the gorgeous (and fattening) pastries – no wonder many people here are plump! We’re off by train to Vienna this noon. Wish you were here. Love, Dede The festivalContinue reading “Salzburg, Austria”

Venice, Italy

June 1968 After some delay getting visas for Hungary in Rome, we came to this beautiful Venice – crowded with German tourists. Will take the train for Budapest tomorrow morning; Sheila will come along for four or five days and then fly back to Mexico via London. Hope your African safari went all well! BestContinue reading “Venice, Italy”

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Zimbabwe, Feb 1988 Dear All going well. I gave my presentation this morning and it went OK. I’ve been active with the sub-group with which I work and we have the China trip finalized. We’ll be at Victoria Falls this weekend. Ruth is here but there isn’t much for spouses so I think it OKContinue reading “Victoria Falls, Zambia”

Baalbeck, Lebanon

April 1972 Dear Va Thinking of you as we travel with Mary and David (Rome, Algiers, Tunis, Beirut). They go their own way for 2 1/2 more weeks starting Fri – and we head for a week’s work in Nairobi, planning to stop in Athens on our way home. Loved catching up with you allContinue reading “Baalbeck, Lebanon”