Edinburgh, Scotland

July 1980 (?)

I”m in Scotland for the weekend with a friend I met in London. I’ve been having a good time so far on my trip and I’ve learned a lot. Scotland is beautiful. It’s nice to get out of the big city. I hope your summer is going well and hasn’t been too warm.

Love, Jane


Glenfinnan Monument

June 198

Drove past here today in bright blue skies. Spending time driving around Scotland. Have seen some beautiful scenery and had perfect weather. We are now heading south to the Lake District and home on the 21st. Hope all is OK.


Glenfinnan Monument: Erected by MacDonald of Glenladale in 1815 as a tribute to the clansmen who fought and died in Prince Charles Edward’s campaign. Here the Prince’s Standard was raised on 19 August 1745. Property of the National Trust for Scotland.

Edinburgh, Scotland

September 1979


I have just finished the “city bus tour” – 4 hrs of assimilating history, tramping thru castles (real ones) and churches, and looking at glorious views. This is a lovely city and I’m greatly impressed with the natural beauty – at least from the airport here by bus – about 60 miles. Hope you got home ok.


Here is a photo I took when I was there in 1980.

Inner Hebredes, Scotland

Isle of Staffa, Fingel’s Cave

I cruised by Staffa in a boat in 1980 or there abouts. Staffa has been uninhabited since about 1800. We couldn’t stop on this isle but stopped on the nearby isle of Iona, known for its abbey. Population is less than 200. I snapped the photo below.

The Abbey at Iona

Mallaig, Scotland

August, 1980

Well, we aren’t in Mallaig anymore. We are in Oban. The weather at Mallaig was terrible. We went from there to Skye for a day trip and got drenched from head to foot. It was pretty bad on the trip down here, too, but today has been beautiful and sunny. We took a day trip today to Mull and Iona. Really nice. We have to do laundry tomorrow before we head to Glasgow. (We stayed in Mallaig about where this photo was taken from.)


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