St Moritz, Switzerland

Sept 1978 Sorry for the delay. Meet me here on Jan 15, 1979 for cocktails (gluvine) on the slopes. You know you are a creep! Why aren’t you here? The city’s nice, I live alone. It’s great. So where are you? Your friend, Pope Paul This postcard is from a friend of mine who wasContinue reading “St Moritz, Switzerland”

Davos, Switzerland

March, 1974 Hi How was vacating in Texas, y con su hermano? All the time I’ve been picturing myself in Nigeria. It’s fun here though, in fact fantastic (I know how much skiing excites you!). Right now, you’re probably flying across the Atlantic, and my ankles hurt. It got up to about 70 degrees todayContinue reading “Davos, Switzerland”

Lugano, Switzerland

May 1973 Dear This is the view from our balcony! Very resort-like! Warm.. flowers everywhere. We went to the top of San Salvatore this morn. on a cog railroad…the view was lovely. Have just finished eating lunch and are waiting to take a boat trip on the lake. Bill has dental app. so he isContinue reading “Lugano, Switzerland”