Lugano-Paradiso, Switzerland

Zurich 9/1972

We left K this noon at school. Some of the new bldgs. are not yet finished so she and some other jr. girls are staying in a hotel for a few days. I think she’ll like it once they all get in the swing.

The train trip was spectacular down and back from here, and Lugano looks just like this picture, snow and all. Beautiful!

Love, Dede

Zurich, Switzerland

Freitag Shop, Zurich

Summer 2011

In 2011 I visited my brother who was living just outside Zurich, Switzerland.  One of our activities was to take a trip to the recycling center.  We gathered up all the (cloth) shopping bags we could find and loaded them with the glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum that had been collecting in the kitchen and headed out to the shopping center.  At one end of the parking garage were large bins labeled for all the different types of items.  We managed to get rid of everything although some of the pictures were a little confusing.

According to the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs:

The Swiss are champion recyclers. In 2003, 47% of all urban waste was recycled – a new Swiss record. They recycled 70% of paper, 95% of glass, 71% of plastic bottles, 85-90% of aluminum cans and 75% of tin cans. 

So recycling has become a Swiss way of life.

We discovered a company called Freitag that produced purses, messenger bags, tote bags, wallets, backpacks and even iPhone sleeves all made from recycled goods. They use old truck tarpaulins, used bicycle tires, seatbelts. Every bag is hand made. Even their shop is made out of old semi containers.

The bags are a common sight across Switzerland.

Purse and wallet

Messenger bag

Mt Rigi, Switzerland

May 2000

We arrived in Switzerland today. Yesterday we took the Eurostar to Paris, then a sleeper train to Zurich, then this morning we took a short train ride to Lucern. That is where we are going to be staying for a few days. After we checked into our hostel we took a boat on Lake Lucern and a train up to Mt Rigi. It is so Beautiful! The mountains are huge and snow topped. We hiked around a bit, then headed back down on a gondola! Well, I’m having a great time in Europe. See you soon.

Love, Kelly

Lugano, Switzerland

One week in Switzerland and I love it all. Got my first real look at the Alps today – we went up Mt Rigi and had a spectacular view. Pretty surreal. Went to the Van Gogh exhibit yesterday in Basel – so glad I had the chance. Great collection. We spent Monday in Lugano – looks like an ok place to high school :). Tomorrow we are exploring Zurich and hoping the rain stays away. Not sure what the weekend holds. I love trains!

Love, Bron

St Moritz, Switzerland

Sept 1978

Sorry for the delay. Meet me here on Jan 15, 1979 for cocktails (gluvine) on the slopes. You know you are a creep! Why aren’t you here? The city’s nice, I live alone. It’s great. So where are you?

Your friend, Pope Paul

This postcard is from a friend of mine who was not in St Moritz at all. He was in San Francisco at the time. But I knew him when we both spent time in St Moritz. My first experience with skiing was in St Moritz. I was in boarding school and my parents were living in Africa. My school spent two weeks skiing in St Moritz every winter so I went directly from Nigeria – tropical Africa – to Switzerland with no warm, winter clothes. I layered on my blue jeans and sweatshirts and was freezing most of the time.

The flight from Lagos only left twice a week so I arrived in St Moritz a day late and missed the first day of ski lessons. On the second day I went to my ski class and everybody already knew how to stop, so I spent the whole day stopping the only way I could – on my ass. The next day we had a German teacher who didn’t speak a word of English. He was teaching us how to sideslip and traverse and sent us down the bunny slope where we were supposed to be learning how to stop sideways. I couldn’t catch on to that at all so I would just fall down in order to stop, at which point the teacher would scream at me in German. Not the greatest experience.

We stayed in a big modern tourist hotel. Some of the rooms had as many as ten or twelve people in them. I could sit at my window and watch the horse races on the frozen lake below. There was a picturesque little town where we ate Raclette and other delicious cheesy things. It is one of the few areas where they actually speak the fourth Swiss language, Romansh.

Davos, Switzerland

Parsenn-Railway, view on Rhatikon, Seehorn and Pischahorn

March, 1974


How was vacating in Texas, y con su hermano? All the time I’ve been picturing myself in Nigeria. It’s fun here though, in fact fantastic (I know how much skiing excites you!).

Right now, you’re probably flying across the Atlantic, and my ankles hurt. It got up to about 70 degrees today and we were skiing in slush. Switzerland is getting it together for spring. I didn’t buy a white dress, but no regrets, see you manana.


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