Den Haag, Netherlands

July 1985

Got your letter of the 12th – guess you are having real summer. We are having nice weather these days – Toms’ biked to Delft and explored it yesterday. They went to Gouda (by train) today. T & J went to the fish restaurant last nite – all dressed up – on their bikes (just like the Dutch). They have more energy than you can imagine – don’t want to miss a thing. Went swimming in our pool this aft. We’re having Alicia and Esther (the Colombian gal) for supper tomorrow. Bill goes to Damascus on Sat am til Tues.

Love, Va

Holland in Bloom

December 1981

Dear Fernie,

Bill and I are getting ready to go for a walk – it is cloudy and old. We went to a lovely snow-covered park about 2 hours east of here yesterday – it was really beautiful – also had a nice museum. We got stuck in parking lot – but otherwise was lovely day.

Happy New Year!
Love, Dede

Torun, Poland


This is a Polish postcard – I can’t believe I’m finally somewhere you haven’t been! Excitement plus. Well, we have been thru London, Dover, Calais, Brussels, Bonn, Linz, Vienna, Czech, Carowia, Warsaw and here. I’m exhausted. Of course we broke the drought and the heatwave – it has been cold or cool and we have been rained on several times. I can’t stand not being able to understand anyone, but otherwise I love it. Why did I never come before?


My family took this ship from Honolulu to Los Angeles in the early 1950’s.

Matson Lines Luxury Liner Lurline
Length 632 feet – Speed 22 knots – Gross Tonnage 18,500
Accommodates 722 passengers, all in First Class

One of the smartest, most beautifully appointed vessels afloat. Completely air conditioned. Spacious and distinctively designed public rooms and staterooms. The finest in sea-travel luxury. Frequent sailing between San Francisco, Los Angeles and Honolulu.

Ivory Coast

Hotel Le President, Yamoussokro, Ivory Coast

Lagos, 1975

Thank you for your thank you! I’m still being regaled by stories of your Safari from all sides – glad it was such a fine adventure. I stayed at this hotel last week with the Edwards – it’s really incredible and in the middle of nowhere. Just happens to be the President’s home town! Most elegant hotel I’ve ever been to!

Nice, France


Alicia and I are enjoying very much this beautiful beach. It has been a great rest! It was wonderful to see you after such a long time and to feel that time has not changed the relationship at all. Thank you so much again for all your kindnesses and very lovely Delft plate. I hope that not so many years will pass by before seeing you next time. Happy return to the US with best wishes and warm saludos.


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