Trinidad, West Indies

Trinidad Hilton

Jan 1971


Still greetings from Trinidad but tomorrow from Caracas. Hope you and bag arrived OK! Take care.

Love, Bill

The Carribbean’s newest luxury hotel where guests descend from the grand lobby to their rooms with private balcony overlooking Port-of-Spain and the sea. Picturesque gardens and pools, restaurants and bar and entertainment echo the holiday mood of this festive island.

Trinidad, West Indies

January, 1970

This music is just great – last nite we went to a sort of calypso concert… I got me a new bathing suit and some white slacks. Dresses are really short here! Tomorrow we’re off to Madrid. Brrr.


The steel bands, like the calypso singing of Trinidad are world famous. The instruments fashioned from tops of steel drums and other discarded pieces are capable of rendering fine music under the skillful fingers of local players.

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