Washington, DC

November 1981

I ran myself ragged yesterday cleaning the apt. and packing in Minneapolis. Then Kathy drove me to the airport, and in 2 hours I was in Washington with Bill. We are in a very nice hotel – with a tiny kitchen so we can eat here much of the time. Bill had it stocked with grape nuts and cheese! I have just slept and rested today – walked over to Watergate shopping center for a bit of exercise. Nice weather.

Love, Dede

The River Inn, Washington DC. In Foggy Bottom between the Kennedy Center and Georgetown.

Washington State, USA

July 1984

La Push, WT. Beautiful spot and I am having fun. Temp is half of what it is in Phoenix. Gotta love it. Much driving – working on the pancake butt. Looks like I won’t be up in August, but I’m considering early Oct. Done w/school on August 11 – work? school? travel? Give me a hint, please! Hope all is good w/you. When’s your next trip west?

Miss you, Love, Shelly

Giant fir log from the forests of Western Washington. This log is 11 1/2 feet across the butt and contained 13,700 board feet. The logging crew shown here was proud of this one.

Niagara Falls

July, 1986

Niagara Falls was shrouded in mist and a bit of rain when we saw it but still very impressive, though the town looked like a State Fair arcade. We made it to the Cape through mountains of traffic – it is all rather crowded. After three beautiful days of sun and beaching it is raining like crazy today and so we are playing cards and reading while the dog sleeps to celebrate her 4th birthday. Hope you had a fun trip to Michigan!


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