Caracas, Venezuela

Museo Bolivariano


Dear V

It’s good to be back again. We were in Bogota one week also. Lots of change here. Thousands of new autopista’s, casas and edificios. Bob is working 6 weeks at the Pedegogico Evaluation and doing research for a chapter on Students and Politics. Rodolfo is here also. We called Ruth and said Hi. Funny isn’t it. We took an apt at Macuto for 1 month. Move in Sat. Anthony is here also.

Love to all, Nita and Bob

Caracas, Venezuela

National Library, Caracas

April 1966

The conference in Maracay is over and I think was very interesting. I will tell you about it when I return to Mexico about the 9th of May. Hopefully I will find a little time to spend in the county-side before then.


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