Tokyo, Japan

September 1978 Dear Enroute Tokyo. I just lost a day in crossing the Intl. Date Line. Maybe someday I can make it up. I doubt that I will get to Nikko to see this shrine on the trip but we have a picture of you there. Hope you got your auto insurance ok. Love, BillContinue reading “Tokyo, Japan”

Rio de Janairo, Brazil

November 1978 Le mando esta postal de Rio de Janeiro, estuve un poco triste porque no pude despedirme de usted, fui a su casa el Domingo en la noche, pero no habia nadie en casa. Aprovecho esta, para desearle a la Sra. muchos felicidades por el Dia de la Madre. Ustedes fueron muy buenos conmigoContinue reading “Rio de Janairo, Brazil”

Chamberlain, South Dakota

August, 1985 Here we are in the middle of South Dakota at Al’s Oasis Inn watching a Dracula movie on Saturday night – Allie and Val are screaming but it is really a comedy! So far we have seen the Corn Palace and lots of farmland. Astra is traveling well as usual. Tomorrow we willContinue reading “Chamberlain, South Dakota”

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

July 1973 Dear We had a nice time in Accra (bought more pretty material for shirts, caftans, chair covers, etc.) and are now enjoying this modern very French city. It is really lovely weather altho our hotel is freezing with air conditioning. Bill is having meetings and we are eating lots of croissants! Love, Dede

Washington State, USA

July 1984 La Push, WT. Beautiful spot and I am having fun. Temp is half of what it is in Phoenix. Gotta love it. Much driving – working on the pancake butt. Looks like I won’t be up in August, but I’m considering early Oct. Done w/school on August 11 – work? school? travel? GiveContinue reading “Washington State, USA”

Tokyo, Japan

February 1970 Singapore We got this card on the airplane yesterday – we are Not in Tokyo. Singapore is a lovely city – we toured it today and will take a tour of the harbor in the morning. It is one of the largest shipping harbors in the world. Off to Indonesia tomorrow aft –Continue reading “Tokyo, Japan”