Shanghai, China

Jade Buddha Temple

June 1988


Visited this temple this morning. Two jade Buddhas, this one and the other one I sent were brought from Burma. Visited the museum this afternoon. Very nice celedon and lovely bronze. Bronze 4000 years old. We leave for Xian in a short time, all well.

Love, Bill


April 1967


It’s a beautiful morning here. I wish you were with me. I’m now going to breakfast and then at 9:00 we are driving to Antigua. We will (or I will) relax by the pool here tomorrow and then at 5:00 pm we will go back to Salvador.

Love, Bill

Bombay, India

Brahma, Relief from Aihole, Prince of Wales Museum


I’ve been thinking about you a lot while in India. Hopefully all went well. We’re having a wonderful time. Bombay has actually turned out to be quite romantic – riots and all! Stephen asked me to marry him in front of the Taj Mahal at dawn – romantic, huh? Anyway, I said yes so please plan a trip in May for the wedding.

Love, Jane

Le Mont Saint Michel, France

July 1992


A cloudy “threatening” day and the light is wonderful. We like better than sunshine. Maybe our best day yet but everything has been Great. We are in a story book village – our Apt built 16th century with modern plumbing. Girls are good travelers. Malia’s advance in French is visible! Both are so helpful to this ancient one.

Love, Katherine

Antigua, BWI

January 1970


This is a great spot – everything very slow and relaxed! We only wish you and the boys were here, too. Not much surf, so even I am enjoying the sea. Bill goes to Montserrat (another island nearby) tomorrow to stay overnight so I hope to get my Christmas cards done.

Love, Mom

Beijing, China

Tang Hua Wu Greenhouse, Chungshan Park

May 1979


The trip has been fascinating. Today we went to the famous archeological digs in Xian. They’ve uncovered thousands of clay figures each one different and life-size. A few days ago we went to the Great Wall – it’s the only man-made object that can be seen from the moon. Right now, I’m on a train headed for Luoyang which is known for its historical caves. I don’t really like the food.

Love, Rachel

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