San Francisco, CA

1950, Golden Gate Park

Comprising 1,013 acres, Golden Gate Park is the largest man-made park in the world. It extends four miles through residential districts ending at the Pacific Ocean. There are miles of bridal paths, motor roads, foot trails as well as museums and animal runs in the Park.

Quantas Airways

February 1970

Received your letter today before we left Djarkata. Also had a letter from Tim today. He is OK and had visited Paris. Will see you soon.

Love, Bill

AVRO 504K, 1921. Pilot and 2 passengers. 65 m.p.h. Intrepid passengers flew in this. Quantas’ first aircraft on taxi trips and joy-rides.



September 1970?


We are in Madrid relaxing in hotel room. Have been to the Prado and a bullfight. One matador cut on ear but none did very well. If ind I have forgotten much spanish but we get along. On Tus. we will go to Ibiza for about a week and then fly back to Germany. Should be relaxed and sunned by then. Spend a couple more days here and see Toledo and the Escorial. Hope you are all faring well and not too travel-weary.

Love, Tim

El Cordobes

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