Quantas Airways

February 1970

Received your letter today before we left Djarkata. Also had a letter from Tim today. He is OK and had visited Paris. Will see you soon.

Love, Bill

AVRO 504K, 1921. Pilot and 2 passengers. 65 m.p.h. Intrepid passengers flew in this. Quantas’ first aircraft on taxi trips and joy-rides.



September 1970?


We are in Madrid relaxing in hotel room. Have been to the Prado and a bullfight. One matador cut on ear but none did very well. If ind I have forgotten much spanish but we get along. On Tus. we will go to Ibiza for about a week and then fly back to Germany. Should be relaxed and sunned by then. Spend a couple more days here and see Toledo and the Escorial. Hope you are all faring well and not too travel-weary.

Love, Tim

El Cordobes

Boston, MA

Paul Revere’s Boston

Two lanterns hung from the steeple of the Old North Church in 1775 started Paul Revere from his home (built in 1677) to Lexington to warn of the British advance. Revere, who also took part in the Boston Tea Party, was a well known silversmith, dentist, bell caster and coppersmith.

Interior of the Old North Church

The chancel, pulpit and sounding board. The bust of Washington as it appears on the right. The original high pews, used each Sunday for services at 11:00.

Old North Church


The Buddha of Kamakura


We have been in Nara for a week in a stunning Japanese style room. Asian Education Conference. Am deep in the writings of the Buddha.

The Buddha of Kamakura – built in 1252, is the largest Buddha next to the Buddha in Nara. IT is well known as a “handsome” Buddha.

Den Haag, Holland

Peace Palace

July 1986

Yesterday we took a tour of the Peace Palace. M wants me to come here and study International Law so we can live here for a year or two. The weather has been a bit chilly but it was warm and sunny today for our trip to Delft, where we had “pannekocken” for lunch and took a canal trip. So far all is going well – Allie and Val spend lots of time playing pretty ponies but are learning to look for trams and bicycles!


Illorin Market, Nigeria


Nigeria, the most populous single African nation on the continent of Africa, lies on the west coast and has a rich tradition and culture closely connected with their religious beliefs and the rights and practices relating to them. Traditional religion has given the people a heritage of culture and tradition which is still noticeable despite later influence by Islam and Christianity. The agriculture, music, art, craft, language and economies of the country still bear traces of this influence.

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